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[FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance at CDTV Live!

#Yoongi #Japanese #Bangtan Sonyeondan #Namjoon #Film & Animation
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#BTS #방탄소년단 #StayGold #Live #BangtanSonyeondan #Namjoon #Seokjin #Yoongi #Jhope #Jimin #Taehyung #Jungkook

#CDTV #Jhope #Jeon Jungkook #Park Jimin #BTS Live Performance #Jin #Stay Gold #Jimin #ARMY #Jungkook #Kim Seokjin #Seokjin #Kim Namjoon #Min Yoongi #BTS #Kim Taehyung #방탄소년단 #Jung Hoseok #Your Eyes Tell #RM #Hoseok #Suga #Taehyung

Yoonphoria photo 1 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance... Yoonphoria photo 2 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance... Yoonphoria photo 3 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance... Yoonphoria photo 4 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance...

For new fans

RM: The talented one
JIN: The talented one
SUGA: The talented one
J-HOPE: The talented one
JIMIN: The talented one
V: The talented one
JUNGKOOK: The youngest and also...

the talented one

by Idontunderstandhowyoutubeallowsusernamesthislong 1 months ago

The song: “Stay Gold”
The singers/rappers: “Purer than Gold”

by selfjam 1 months ago

Jungkook’s ,Jin’s and Jimin’s “stay gold” high notes are still shocking me!!!!!!!! This live performance is just a proof for their amazing talents thats it.

by Lujain 1 months ago

Everyone is saying "Why isn't anyone talking about how good Jin is?", But guys everyone is talking only about Jin and his vocals, lol.
I love you so much Jin

by Jeonmean 1 months ago

Do yall know that after this performance jin was trending and j-armys were calling him the "crystal voice"? He always gets appreciation for his vocals by grammys, locals, kmas....he is just so amazing.

by Rushda Azeem 1 months ago

jimin’s voice sounds like honey bro i can’t-

by beth 1 months ago

Those dislikes are from people who don't like gold and want to be other minerals

by spring chimmy 1 months ago

Jungkook never fails to sound better live. Also, Jin literally SNAPPED!

by chill 1 months ago

Sometimes I feel bad for Jungkook, he did so many for BTS’s vocal, harmonising with others, no matter high note or low note he also performed perfectly, but people still treat his work as granted, I hope people can recognise him not only the name of main vocal but also his amazing voice his soothing vocal tone his excellent skills.

by hilrup 1 months ago

Dang Jin and jungkook hitting the vocals is going to be the death of me- 💀

by Kim Sulji 1 months ago

Namjoon: Strong voice
Jin: Clear voice
Yoongi: Raspy voice
Jhope: Versatile voice
Jimin: Honey like voice
Taehyung: Warm and cozy voice
Jungkook: Balanced and breezy voice
All together: GOLD

by Anas Anisa 1 months ago

Jin’s voice is so angelic and beautiful, he slays every Japanese song

by KeranThe9 1 months ago

UGH ! Jungkook's look is killing me Damn he's so hot !

by liti ssia 1 months ago

So nobody's gonna talk about Jimin's vocals. I'm so sad, bcos I see so much hate in these days about his vocal. And I think for example in this his voice sounds so gold and angelic. Armys, let's support Jiminie please!💜
And of course the other members are perfect too!!

by Milla Elekes 1 months ago

Vocal line doesn't need autotune, autotune needs them.

Edit (2): Sorry for not acknowledging the rap line but one thing I can say is they're LEJINDARY, peRiOdT.

by Julla Sinoben 1 months ago


by 高原くるみ 1 months ago

Jin and Jimin singing"Stay Gold" line is wow 😭👏

by Cookie Pie 1 months ago

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