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BTS Performs "ON" at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show

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Global phenomenon BTS (방탄소년단) delivers an epic performance of "ON" from their album Map of the Soul: 7 when they take over the historic Grand Central Terminal in New York City for The Tonight Show.
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BTS Performs "ON" at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 1 BTS Performs  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 2 BTS Performs  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 3 BTS Performs  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photo 4 BTS Performs 

Sorry Grammy... This performance was better than your whole show.

by Aadi Dhoundiyal 3 months ago

lets be honest, it's not your first time watching this

by inaaya khurram 1 week ago

This hits even harder after ON won the VMAs. This masterpiece hasn’t got the chance to be on the big stage live & I’ll wait the day until that happen!

by miss luca 2 weeks ago

If only Michael Jackson were still alive. Imagine BTS performing with him. All are extremely talented dancers and musicians.

by Phillip Stradlin 3 weeks ago

I can tell they put a lot of effort, training, will and intention to do this. They don't have just beautiful appearance, they have beautiful soul to inspire people to think big and do bigger than just for themselves. Thx Bts. U guys got my heart.

by Siwapat 6 months ago

THAT CHOREOGRAPHY IS MIND-BLOWING! I'm not into KPop but these guys are pure talent and you gotta give them the credit they deserve

by Jen Sta. Ana 1 week ago

I respect everyone's music preferences. You dont have to be a fan but you gotta respect these dudes for the amount of hardwork they put in their performances. Stop hating on them for no damn reason or using the behavior of some of their fans as an excuse. The amount of unnecessary hate these boys get on a daily basis from racism, xenophobia and homophobia is just flabbergasting. Its sad that some people even refuse to respect them because they sing in a different language/look different.

by Yu Eve 3 weeks ago

& this is why on won best choreography on VMAs

by Akriti Singh 1 week ago

Binge watching since last night. Huhuhu. Hopefully I am not too late to stan these adorable and deserving guys. And now I can say there is a reason why everyone make fuss about BTS. I stan all of them now. They compliment each other. BTS is an entity

by Rejoice Suarez 1 week ago

The grammys could never have this of a stage presence. It’s humiliating. Grammys need bts not bts need them.

by Stanxx C 3 months ago

when say they are just a typical boyband that will pass by...well well well. You cannot get another BTS in the next century mark my word..

by Rae Rae 3 weeks ago

I heard the BTS name alot but Dynamite got me into want to know more of them and I'm watching alot of video from youtube. they are incredible and this video is become one of my favorit video from BTS.

by love love 1 week ago

Haters: BTS just lip sync and use auto tune

Jimin: I can't understand what people are sayin'

by Omkar Ghadge 1 week ago

The fact that it's Dynamite Era but people still come back to this video just sends.

by PAVANI SHARMA 3 weeks ago

The best thing about this group is... you don't even need to be a fan of theirs to clearly see that they're all so talented.. it's unreal!!! you might not like their music genre or understand them or even like them aesthetically.. but their Talent is evident to all

by Elisha 2 months ago

Sorry army!!! I kept ignoring them all these years and now there's no way out! These guys have become a part of me now🥺🥺 Yes, life is too short to pretend to not like BTS.

by Arya Prahlad C 1 week ago

It's the way BTS puts others to shame...like who is performing like this anymore??!!!

by Anais Persephone 6 days ago

No words. This was amazing. What a performance. How freaking talented are they? This was amazing. The dancing. The singing. Like wow. Honestly. Wow.

by Dihanie 2 weeks ago

They need to dominate billboard stage with this performance!

by paweveryorkie 1 week ago

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