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The Audacity of Kobe Bryant | The Ringer

The Ringer photo 1 The Audacity of Kobe Bryant... The Ringer photo 2 The Audacity of Kobe Bryant... The Ringer photo 3 The Audacity of Kobe Bryant... The Ringer photo 4 The Audacity of Kobe Bryant...

“Stubbornly Unafraid to Fail.” Bullseye.

by Luke Perry 8 months ago

I completely understand this take. I went from a big Kobe fan to thinking his cockiness was just too much but now, in retrospect, he was great, he knew it, and he loved it. RIP to a LEGEND.

by Chris Sullivan 8 months ago

I was really enjoying sage Mamba. His character arc and personal development were amazing, and he was really hitting his stride as a mentor for the next generation. He’ll be missed

by Jackisaboss1208 8 months ago

Probably the best and most truthful tribute I’ve heard yet. Some of these guys giving tributes and crying, were tearing his name off the scoring records only 18hrs before they got the news. I’ve had beef with the media over this for the past few days, so I just want to thank you for maintaining your integrity

by Nana Sechere 8 months ago

When he retired, I said “damn I’m gonna miss this guy” but now I’m really gonna miss this guy.

by Christopher Marcus 8 months ago

Phil Jackson says it best, Kobe was the “chosen” one .

by Sandro Martinez 8 months ago

just when i thought i was done crying ... great tribute :)

by grandmama94 8 months ago

I appreciate that this tribute doesn't make it seem like you've always loved him and suggested that he was perfect or the GOAT as some are now doing. Kobe was very hated during his career and I was witness to that. I think it's really disingenuous for people to go back and act like they always loved him just because he's now gone. Great vidm

by Márcio Barros 8 months ago

Kobe wasn’t the most efficient player ever for the basketball purist like Micheal or LeBron but as fan of basketball THANK YOU Kobe for being the MOST EXCITING PLAYER EVER bar none ..my man Kobe just had the balls to try shots no other player would his in game dunks are just completely insane not to mention his circus shots and crossovers it was just something pure about it that I will always miss

by Marcel Rodriguez 8 months ago

Kobe wan Kenobi, the Jedi of the NBA Star Wars.

by Aggro QM2 8 months ago

I was waiting for this. The angle was perfect. Kobe had the audacity to live life to the fullest and that turned him into more than just a man. It turned him into a way of life. Mamba mentality become so much more. Thank you for this video.

by Mulaedza Tshivhase 8 months ago

Kobe was different
I don't think anyone could just pull off what he did at such a young age and what more amazing is the stuff he did after
He did not stagnate and he did not quit when it mattered most

by ILIAS FERRER 8 months ago

J. Kyle Mann is the man. A national treasure. Protect him at all costs.

by Tommy McConnell 8 months ago

This is the only post-Kobe video that I’ve watched that didn’t remind me he was gone. Instead it told me of just how incredible he is, and that his legacy will forever live.

by ljcool17 8 months ago

He is so much more than basketball. The philosophy he stands for makes him the greatest competitor in the history of the sport.

by Aaron Luricina 8 months ago

I loved the honestly and nuance of this. As a diehard Kobe fan, I loved the fact that you touched on everything, were unbiased, and rightfully encapsulated his career and life. Much respect to you

by SmokinAces 8 months ago

This video for Kobe is insanely underrated. Rest in paradise Kobe.

by Cat 8 months ago

This is an amazingly true and faithful portrait of an undeniable force of nature.

by restmyson 8 months ago

Not almost, but Kobe did have a Kanye level way of speaking on himself.

My boy just had different accolades 💯🙌🏾

Shoutout the goat mann.

by LeBaby James 8 months ago

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