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Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam Newton Signing With The Patriots

The Pat McAfee Show photo 1 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 2 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 3 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 4 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam...

Cam Newton got hurt against NE, those dark lords had this planned all along.

by Jonathan King 10 hours ago

The patriots injured his foot so they could sign him next season.... smart

by Franklin Aiken 11 hours ago

I’m a dolphins fan and I nought this was the year, that the pats suck, I’m so sad.

by Joe Marinaro 13 hours ago

Cam won MVP for the 2015 season, or as Pat puts it, “two years ago.”

by Scott Murphy 12 hours ago

Panthers nearly killed this man. The Oline was terrible his whole career. I think that’ll change in NE. Thank you Pats!!

by Don A 13 hours ago

Why is my Madden 20 franchise roster coming true all of a sudden? 👀

by Nathan Davis 13 hours ago

"This is why The Patriots are The Patriots" - Pat McAfee

by Beta Boot Camp 13 hours ago

The dude with the Pats jersey is hilarious. Literally me yesterday

by Its2EC 11 hours ago

I read the title as “singing with the patriots” and imagined Cam hitting a high note in that thumbnail pic. I felt so let down when I read it again.

by dan parish 12 hours ago

This is the only reaction I wanted to see about this news

by Danny Mendoza 13 hours ago

He has an entire Pringle’s can of chips on his shoulder lmao

by I'm Just Saiyan 11 hours ago

how tf is cam newton getting paid the same rate as Jameis Winston

by Ola Adeshina 13 hours ago

Other teams should’ve just signed cam to keep him from the pats

by CowSlayer2 12 hours ago

Patriots had already planned a long time ago. Especially when then did not pick any QB's during the NFL draft.

by BONES 13 hours ago

I knew it was gonna happen!

Called it weeks ago!

Don’t make him a pocket passer, let Cam run free!

by Phantom Alpha 13 hours ago

When you think the patriots are going to have a bad season

by That Guy 14 hours ago

So Dr. Disrespect left twitch to go to the mcafee show??? 😂

by Simian Stareyes 10 hours ago

As a massive Pats fan, the second I saw the news my first thoughts were "I absolutely cannot wait to hear Pat go off on this."

by TheSilentHeel 13 hours ago

He needs like 50% of his magic to go deep in the playoffs

by Brent Razz 11 hours ago

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