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Pat McAfee "People Aren't Taking The Cam Newton Patriots Deal Seriously Enough"

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Let's not forget Gronk had his spike and everyone loved it..hell even psycho Tom was never shy about expressing passion on the field..Cam s Superman is absolutely welcome in Foxborough..

by P L 1 months ago

This reminds me of Randy Moss being considered past his prime because of his years in Oakland. The Pats picked him up on the cheap and proved everybody how wrong they were.

by Troispoint 1 months ago

the fact there is nearly 6mil in incentives should tell you they plan on playing him. definitely starting.

by CHEMICALI3URN 1 months ago

The best celebration is when a RB trips over his own lineman for -2 yards and the entire opposing defense runs to the endzone for a group picture

by villen 1 months ago

As someone that has lived in New England all my life and been a die hard patriots fan even before the Bledsoe era, it makes no sense when people say he wonโ€™t fit into the culture! If he wins and gets points on the board then heโ€™s gonna be part of the culture... I donโ€™t know why that is so hard to understand ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Scuba Bro 1 months ago

Bring that 7th ring ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ† home Cam๐Ÿคฝ๐ŸพPats Nation โœŒ๐Ÿป

by PR Kingdom 1 months ago

A lot of Pats celebrate Bill doesnโ€™t care as long as Cam is putting points on the board

by Christian Morrow 1 months ago

Aj wit these damn cigars man๐Ÿ˜‚

by Diamond Back 1 months ago

I hope Cam comes back and is extremely Successful! Then gets a huge contract!

by Tae Kim 1 months ago

They still have a lot of player on the roster with RINGS 5 players have 3 rings

by Devon Thomas 1 months ago

not to mention those big choreographed celebrations make for some great meme fodder later, am i right 49ers lol

by Dallas Wood 1 months ago

โ€œRex Ryan is a defensive specialist, he has a good defensive brainโ€.
I have some Bills fans whoโ€™d like to talk with you.

by Michael Parthum 4 weeks ago

AJs face got redder and redder thru out the video, I blame the stupid amount of cigars he has

by Deven Kingman 1 months ago

The deal is so low partly due to Cam's injuries and because of the Pats cap space being limited due to Brady and Gronk still accounting for 23.5 mil in dead cap space. Next season however, that money will be free so if Cam balls out and wishes to stay then the Pats will be able to offer a better deal.

by ImCaliKidOfficial 1 months ago

Let's not forget part of his outlandish celebrating includes giving the TD football to a kid in the stands. That's a rarity. Let the man have fun

by Steve Kegley 4 weeks ago

The Edmonton eskimos D Line all did a roll after the sac as a group was great

by Rankedscrub 1 months ago

Cam will be dominate. But donโ€™t be quick to judge him early. I could see a slow start. But once he gets comfortable with the offense he will dominate. He is a beast! I have no idea why my Bears did not sign him. Itโ€™s killing me.

by Jack Hankins 1 months ago

Predicting a million by August 18,
Pat and A.J. are the most entertaining analysts in the business!

by Seth Groce 1 months ago

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