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Is Cam Newton Going To Be The Backup In New England?!

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Imagine signing Cam Newton and ultimately saying, "Hmm, well, on second thought, we have Brian Hoyer. Good luck to you, Cam."

by butchbrittany 1 month ago

Yeah no kidding. Cam is a great value pickup but he has everything to prove. A million bucks you can't go wrong no matter what happens.

by Crosswalk 1 month ago

Stidham is thinking to himself "Damn, these fans have no loyalty at all"

by CipherBytes 1 month ago

Cams gonna come in guns-a-blazin'!!! I am a Panthers fan and I hope he makes the Panthers look like damn fools!!

by It's me 1 month ago

He’d rather be released than be a backup. He’s the NFL’s Carmelo and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Once you’re a star, you’re not gonna be a clipboard holder in your early 30’s.

by DeShawn Brown 1 month ago

Game 1
Sunday, December 6, 2020
No Patriots have been seen in public in the past 4 months.
A lone Jarrett Studham, 6'7" and 300lbs, barrels out from the tunnel at Gillette Stadium.
He lunges at Tua, swallowing him whole like an anaconda.
He faces the crowd.
He flexes his biceps.
The muscles are shaped like 7 Lombardi Trophies.

by Severoquai 1 month ago

That and Bill always treats the first 4 games of the season as pre season anyway so there's that...

by Colin Feeley 1 month ago

Pat McAfee: Cam Newton signed with the Patriots there going to the AFC championship.

Bill Belichick: He the back up Pat on to Cincinnati.

by Conspiracy Theory 1 month ago

Cam better not be the back up he's the best QB currently on the Patriots

by ConvexSpys 8335 1 month ago

I hope he isn’t 😂 I wanna see Watson vs. Newton

by Medival X 1 month ago

I swear the Patriots are throwing more swerves than the Big Show being face and heel!

by gavinjohnbatman 1 month ago

Honestly I feel like if he shows out he’s the automatic starter for the pats years to come. I honestly don’t see anything special as of right now from Jarrett Stidham. Cam brings a whole new level to the field and I can only imagine the trickery they will pull if he starts.

by Alex Warner 1 month ago

They are moving him to tight end

by Yurik Farba 1 month ago

Cam Newton is 100% starting day one idk how anyone can reasonably question that and I love Jarrett stidham

by LittleBilly69 1 month ago

I love how the pats went from wild card loss and of a dynasty potential rebuild mode, to
Super Bowl contenders

by just a thought 1 month ago

Lol I knew this was going to happen. They want to groom Stidham into their future.

by YouWouldn'tGetIt 1 month ago

Dude this is typical Belichick. Of course they “Love” Stidham. In about 2 months he’s gonna be on another team and the Patriots are gonna have another 2/3 round pick.

by SlickVick 19 1 month ago

Patriots have zero deep threat, Cam is gonna need help!

by King Leunitas 1 month ago

I love this show I watch on YouTube whenever I can but one thing u forgot to mention is cams locker room presence he almost replaces Gronkowski as the silly goofy guy but also the teams hype man

by Braeden Westgate 1 month ago

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