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TFATK REACT To Cam Newton Signing with the New England Patriots

The Fighter and The Kid Clips photo 1 TFATK REACT To Cam Newton... The Fighter and The Kid Clips photo 2 TFATK REACT To Cam Newton... The Fighter and The Kid Clips photo 3 TFATK REACT To Cam Newton... The Fighter and The Kid Clips photo 4 TFATK REACT To Cam Newton...

I hope the Boston area has some good shops for Cam to get his scarves and coulats.....

by 5jr. Racing 1 month ago

Bryan callen would make a great NFL head coach

by Tyler 1 month ago

It’s so frustrating to watch these two be so semi informed.. it’s like watching your 2 drunk uncles debate Rock Paper Scissors stats.

by Matthew Bo 1 month ago

Cam’s a puss. Wouldn’t jump on his own fumble in the super bowl. His mvp season, Eli was right there with stats that year.

by Dr. Remulack 1 month ago

Brandon come on dog three more years for Cam? He ain’t broken all the time like you and Bryan. Bad move he should of went to the Bears or Jags. Love the show. Arm bar Bryan though.

by Nook Fender 1 month ago

Humble beginnings. Stiffen up and shut up welcome to New England

by itz Ramirezzz 1 month ago

Even though it’s only I know Joe ain’t gonna talk about this. Thanks boys let’s talk more football!!!!! Lol

by J the Great Full 1 month ago

Kinda crazy that Brendan knows even less about football than he does MMA.

by Derrick Jones II 4 weeks ago

run first qb who is average passer. gets hit, injuries add up and cant run the way he used to. Gets exposed as average passer. Happens everytime to run first Qb.

by Andrew McG 1 month ago

Right now would you take Kap or Cam? I'd take Kap

by tyggar2169 1 month ago

As soon as Fig Newton gets hit...... He will be out for the season his body is one big surgery...... bam

by Jim legacy 1 month ago

Cam has one last chance

by o o 1 month ago

Sherman's not right you dummies. These teams are talking to the doctors.that's why you got the deal he got and no other team picked him up

by Mike Havis 1 month ago

Cam Newton made more than. every ufc fghter will make and has made Ever 120 million only had a foot and shoulder injury

by Mr boca 1 month ago

Keep waiting for Delia’s “friends” to respond to all the new email info. At least they haven’t changed the Delia clip at the end.

by Philip Warren 1 month ago

One thing is for sure Bilichek will not let the officials ignore him being abused anymore.

by 4spbiz 1 month ago

Brendan, no one at QB has taken more hits than Russell Wilson. Cam is just less durable. The Seahawks have not had an Oline since 2006.

by GBLynden's RC 1 month ago

Richard Sherman just has to stick his nose into this. Mind your business bra.

by Stephen Fox 1 month ago

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