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little leftover from From Me To You that i made a year ago. i just relistened to it and thought was too fire to stay secret forever so here it is
stream here: https://soundcloud.com/quadecax8/live-like-this-fmty-leak
this is a rap / hip hop song and official music video from quadeca

#rap #song #album #live like this #from me to you #rapper

Quadeca Exclusives photo 1 QUADECA - LIVE LIKE THIS Quadeca Exclusives photo 2 QUADECA - LIVE LIKE THIS Quadeca Exclusives photo 3 QUADECA - LIVE LIKE THIS Quadeca Exclusives photo 4 QUADECA - LIVE LIKE THIS

Qudeca: yea this is just left overs

All of us: how the frick is this leftovers

by Micah Lewis 1 day ago

People who disliked are the ones who are mad that this didn't get a proper music video

by chr!s 13 hours ago

If this isn’t on Spotify WERE GONNA HAVE A PROBLEM

by Lost Boy 1 day ago

This better be released as a single or on a deluxe version of the album on spotify because it is too good

by Gustavo Muskus 1 day ago

Quadeca: here’s a “little leftover”

by Blast 23 23 hours ago

This song was made an year ago so FMTY might have a different style but I really hope there are multiple songs with this kinda vibe because his singing voice really hits unlike most artists these days

by Ahmed Ayaz 21 hours ago

I fully believe you have the potential to release one of the albums of the decade, your lyrics, voice and the fact you produce your own beats is fucking crazy, truly one of the brightest artists of this generation

by KEL 1 day ago

he's no longer a YouTube knock off rapper he is a true legend.

by Logan Paul fan20 1 day ago


Quad: Eh ThIs Is JuSt A lEfToVeR


by Joe Sharp 1 day ago

Anybody else notice how the design on his shirt seamlessly blends in with the building structure in the background from where he is being filmed? The videographer has a dope eye for shots.

by KFontane 1 day ago

I don’t understand how people can hit the dislike button

by Lee 1 day ago

You know a dude is talented when he considers this a leftover song.

by Spider-JAAM 1 day ago


Everyone in the comments: HoW iS tHiS a LeFt OvEr

by kanye west 6 hours ago

If THIS didn’t make it into his album, then it really shows how good the albums is gonna be

by keithruane 1 day ago

Quadeca mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that he became invisible to the eye

by ActuallyYour 1 day ago

911: what’s your emergency
Me: it’s Quadeca again he murdered the beat

by Movie Trailers 13 hours ago

When he said he made this a year ago and you think about how much he improved

by BasketPaul 21 hours ago

Who can even dislike this masterpiece,

*Must be deaf!🤔

by Renu Manhas 21 hours ago

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