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Every Top 100 Player of 2020s Best Play from 2019

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They definitely should have shown myles garrett's play as smacking Rudolph with the helmet :/

by Noah Kaftalovich 2 months ago

I like how Chris Carson fumbled on his “best” play of the season

by Jake Fan 2 months ago

Some of these weren’t even their best plays. Seriously, they showed a run of Chris Carson fumbling the ball.

by Anosh Taraporevala 2 months ago

Russell Wilson's best play was that throw against the rams to Tyler Lockett

by Joseph Simmons 2 months ago

Ryan tannehill’s best play should have been a perfect form handoff to Henry

by Renaud Mongrain 2 months ago

how is darius slay's best play picking up a fumble he didn't force and running for twenty yards

by nic mccuistion 2 months ago

Way to put the players name right in front of the score and game clock

by Mr. Martin 2 months ago

When Watson got kicked in the eye and still threw for a TD against my raiders should've been here
That play pissed me off so much but damn was it good

by RAIDERTONY 323 2 months ago

Russell's should have been the Tyler Lockett touchdown throw.

by M G 2 months ago

Chris Carson’s fumbling is so bad that he fumbles on his best play of 2019 🤣🤣

by Anstronaut559 2 months ago

Alright y’all got your late April fools jokes in now where’s Winston

by Father Arenas 2 months ago

Why is Quinton Nelson’s best play not him pulling and murdering that Jaguars player

by Colton Simpson 2 months ago

“Oh he broke his ankles” never heard that in the NFL

by David Scichilone 2 months ago

Guys Nathan peterman was No. 0 we just didn’t realize it

by Dahl Kalvi 2 months ago

They did Russell Wilson dirty with his "best play" he had tons of better plays than that lousy highlight. smh

by LilDune 2 months ago

Marlon Humphrey FF and FR in OT vs Steelers to lead a game winning FG, wasnt his best play?

by Bicho M 2 months ago

Okay, there HAS to be a better play than the TD to hollister like cmon 😂

by The GOAT 2 months ago

Any OL, DB, or LB’s “best play” were damn near all mediocre plays at best. Who the hell is picking these plays? Lol

by Rajdev Pahal 2 months ago

A little surprised that Josh Allen’s best play wasn’t him pushing for that 1st down during the Thanksgiving game at Dallas

by Evan Sixbey 2 months ago

Chris Carson's best play ended with a fumble😂 If that isn't the perfect play to describe the season he had I don't know what is

by Betley Island36 2 months ago

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