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a chat about life

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Morgan Adams photo 1 a chat about life Morgan Adams photo 2 a chat about life Morgan Adams photo 3 a chat about life Morgan Adams photo 4 a chat about life

Hi ❤️❤️ I know this isn’t a normal video but I just wanted to chill and hang out together. I love you and hope you have an amazing day

by Morgan Adams 1 month ago

Guys stop pulling her into Shane’s scandals, shes not responsible for them.

by Mira is here 1 month ago

I didn't see ONE comment associating her with shane, but I see a bunch of them telling people not to associate her with shane lmao

by Jenny 1 month ago

She is not Shane, pls don’t cancel her for His actions.

by Tamzid Rahman 1 month ago

I’m here to ask the question that’s been on everyone’s minds... Morgan how is your chipotle tattoo?!

by cynroles 1 month ago

How are people still trying to guilt by association. Morgan is Morgan, Shane is Shane.

by Mikayla lamoy 1 month ago

Morgan is not responsible for jokes Shane made before she ever knew him or ever. Ryland is not responsible for things Shane did before he knew him or ever. SHANE is responsible for Shane. Always.

by Sarz Beth 1 month ago

Morgan is not Shane. She is her own person. She met Shane after everything. Be kind, if you don’t want to support her anymore that’s one thing...but don’t drag her into it unless she decides to speak on it.

by Jaxster MUE 1 month ago

Not mad about the association of Shane, mad that her glamping experience is nicer than my actual home.

by nin 1 month ago

Lol at idiots telling her to DROP her own brother and future brother-in-law cause they say so. How full of yourself must you be to even suggest that?

by missgh1000 1 month ago

nobody: not even a single soul: every comment i see : 'mOrGaN iS nOt ShAnE'

by dolimi jotoo 1 month ago

They really manifested a whole bear and spider then Morgan had the nerve to say “ what if this fell “ while 100 feet in the air LMAO

by Shanna Newkirk 1 month ago

okay all these comments are like; “iDK whY yOusE arE dRaGginG mOrGan” but i don’t see any comments “dragging” her ???

by elena barbagallo 1 month ago

Trinity shouting "MORGAN" is the same as Jenna shouting "Julieeeeeen!"

by Valentin Dan 1 month ago

I’m just waiting for a brand to make her their face. She’s a natural beauty.

by Parenting Sucks 1 month ago

Morgan wasn’t even in the picture when Shane made all those disgusting comments about children, those words came from Shane’s mouth not from Morgans stop blaming her like it’s her problem to deal with 🙄

by Weirdest Alien 1 month ago

She’s a grown woman, and people are acting like children. She has her own life and not responsible for someone’s actions. I Love her and glad she isn’t melting down for what, like other people lol❤️

by Nate J 1 month ago

People scare me....I feel awful for famous people. They do something wrong and it like you cannot change. But if your not famous and live a normal lifestyle, you can change all the time....stop forgetting that ALL people can change. No I'm not saying any of the stuff Shane or anyone that has been cancelled or overpartied is okay, because it's not, it's awful and sad to watch, but people can change...I promise...not everyone, but sometimes people really can change....

by Neighbourhood Hippie 1 month ago

What I want: Garrett, Morgan, Drew and Andrew in a remake of the spooky bois. This is what we need and deserve and I won't accept any opposing views

by Cherry blossom 1 month ago

When Corona is gone, we need a series of Trinity & Morgan road tripping accros the country in a rental RV!

by HandMeAChurro BeforeIFaint 1 month ago

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