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BTS moments in live performances that had me SHOOK

In this video are some of my favorites moments in BTS live performances.
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Min Tami photo 1 BTS moments in live performances... Min Tami photo 2 BTS moments in live performances... Min Tami photo 3 BTS moments in live performances... Min Tami photo 4 BTS moments in live performances...

I had so many problems with copyright on this video. Perfect Man, Rainisim and As i Told You performances was included but it get blocked so i had to remove it.
P.D I wrote "Blindfood" instead "Blindfolded" hahaha wtf is wrong with me? xd SORRY

Thank you for watch anyways.

by Min Tami 5 months ago

The moment when yoongi suddenly removed the mic and there was nothing except the music in the background......... Iconic

by Amber Afridi 2 months ago

For someone who has a really deep voice, V's high notes are really, really amazing

by Rachelle de Castro 2 months ago

Hoseok in the No More Dream dance break left me so god damn shook the first time I saw it

by Parker Phillips 2 months ago

Jung Kook brings a true male athleticism to his dancing that stops female hearts. But Jimin. Jimin, Jimin, Jimin. He is unparalleled in grace, beauty, all in a breathtaking economy of movement. Together they're unbelievable. 💜💜

by Stephanie Freeman 2 months ago

No one can deny that in every performance Jimin is surprising! That's the proof that Jimin's skills in contemporary dance, street dancing, and martial arts make him a masterpiece of the k-pop industry.

by Lilqueen_ 2 months ago

I m not an army but no one can deny that they have the coolest and strongest performances

by mariam j 2 months ago

The camera work during the fake love dance break still annoys me so much. That dance didn't need all those wide angle shots, just a simple front one would have done wonders.

by Minimonis Jimin 2 months ago

Jin in that dimple performance was illegal 😮😮

by Divya Rana 2 months ago

I love to watch Jimin dance. His Contemporary dance style is so graceful and beautiful and his Hip-Hop is awesome. Is there any dance style this boy can’t do?!

by Lori Ihler 2 months ago

Jimin and jungkook are sO angelic

by Ann Lindsay 2 months ago

Jimin is really the STAR of the show he really shines in every performance.

by Ariel Cruz 2 months ago

Jungkook: walking so sexily

Me: DoNt lOoK dOwN beTch YoU cAn Do tHis SeLf DoNt!

by Jeonxveeシ 2 months ago

All i can think about is ALWAYS seeing jin and V together cause their visuals are killing me

by Kim Navarro 2 months ago

You're right. Dimple is the best vocal line performance ever.

by Crystal Benton 2 months ago

V’s high note is so iconic. for his deep voice that note is really impressive💜

by ailyn p 2 months ago

Me watching this video:

by Evanlynn 2 months ago

I've waiting for Jin's triple note in Crystal snow that was the best highnote live but I don't see it and I'm a little disappointed as a Jin Stan but I love all 7 and I enjoyed it anyway, thanks for your hard work.

by l love you 3000 2 months ago

Jungkook, an example of perfection💜💜💜

by rabina tamang 2 months ago

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