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[FREE] "Wish You Would"- (2020) Lil Uzi Vert / Future Type Beat

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spend my money
but ima make it back yuh
want my baby
everything feel way to bad yuh
do you really think im funny
bae u know im sweet like that
life is feeling funny
why you wanna give me heart attacks

by ItsJustMeRosesOfficial 2 days ago

Come and take a ride with me
remember when you cried with me
all of these diamonds bling
LighTing up the dark you see
solo cup full of Hennessy
solo but your all i See
come on baby were a team
you said you’ll never leave

by logan ogilvie 4 weeks ago

You need to collab with darkboy

by Amir Kash 1 month ago

She Spendin my money
But imma make it back
She callin’ me honey
But im okay with that
She thinkin its funny
Cuz im sweet like that
It’s really not funny
Sweetest heart attack

by Chip Makahl 1 month ago

This is definitely one of your BEST beats. I feel very inspired by you. And I'm going to get a laptop for my birthday and I want to try to be as good as you.

by Pr0d. Dr0gan 1 month ago

Do you really love me
Do you really want me
Or is it really my money
Tell me this doesn’t sound funny
You must think ima dummy

by Damien Hopson 2 weeks ago

Fire 🔥🔥💫

by Yalix 1 month ago

i love rapping on beats with a vibe like this, Its therapy and i can just let out how i feel on my youtube

by Poiesis 1 month ago

Wish you would call me
Wish you would talk to me
Wish you would be with me
I cannot stand being without you
Envy and jealousy is maldew
You was supposed to be here but you gone threw
No one doesn't care what you going through
I don't play games I'm not EA
She just like the way that I stay
Money coming in like everyday
Driving fast cars on the highway

by Anstey London 1 month ago


by YNGN2N 6 hours ago

Love this bro! I'm a UK Producer making music like this it would be great to collab with you or any of the followers here that also want to make some fire beats!

by SadSmokey Beats 1 month ago

I'm loving this retro vibe you got going man, I'm on board.
Keep it up dude, got my subscription 🤟🤟

by ReQuiemm Beatz 1 month ago

This hardddd 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥 I would kill this

by Baybay467 1 month ago

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