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You asked for it so here it is. Thank you all so much for watching!
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Artist who made this possible, My God Tier Animator: Nathan Wheeler aka Fantishow
Amazing Additional Animation: Sean Glaze
My Amazing Background artist: Davecavedraws
My Beautiful Sound Engineer: Justin Greger
The Muse that help me with my music: Samuel Long
The Outstanding Special Effects Artist: Molly Wright

#Meatcanyon #Jawbreaker

MeatCanyon photo 1 JAWBREAKER 2 MeatCanyon photo 2 JAWBREAKER 2 MeatCanyon photo 3 JAWBREAKER 2 MeatCanyon photo 4 JAWBREAKER 2

I hope you all enjoyed this being snuck into the million sub thank you video. I’m not to big on making sequels, but I thought this would be fun to make for such an occasion. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to making more videos for ya! Hugs and kisses. -papa meat

by MeatCanyon 1 day ago

Sequel: The Kanker sisters strikes.

Prequel: How Eddy took everyone’s jaw.

by BlueDreamKush23 10 hours ago

He didn’t lie, it wasn’t a scam this time, they did get to see God

by Routledge Harris 9 hours ago

"The Taste of retribution, sure is sweet."

They Ripped everyone in the cul-de-sac jaws for 25¢ and Made their own "Jaw" Breaker and Eddy didn't share since he comes up with these "scams."
Well, this wasn't a scam, This was Perfection.

by Richie 6 hours ago

It's crazy that he wanted to apologize when he realized he was gonna get his jaw ripped out

by Poppy Tart 7 hours ago

When a morbid parody of a children’s cartoon is scarier and more suspenseful than most modern day Hollywood horror films

by Shrek Harvey 7 hours ago

If Ed, Edd, and Eddy doesn’t get a reboot then I will get RETRIBUTION

by Nathan Levin 9 hours ago

“Open your eyes, Kevin.” That voice hooks you immediately

by Rebel Media 8 hours ago

You already know going in , but when eddy says "Ed, bring me his jaw" it's just such a weight of finality.

by silverbackxxx7 8 hours ago

“Existence is behind you now Kevin..”

Kevin last moments realizing “to see God” was legit and not a script..

by Delta 4 hours ago

“Enjoy this moment” terrifying the absolute horror will be better than the darkness that awaits gave me chills. Out freaking standing

by Ronald Paz Soldan 1 hour ago

Directed by Danny Antonucci
Written by Jono Howard

by KinkyDora 7 hours ago

You can tell Jimmy's last words were "SAAAARAAAH"

by Alain Martinez 11 hours ago

The creators watching this would be like

I’m watching PERFECTION

by Jotaro Kujo 8 hours ago

This is genuinely worse than any horror movie I’ve ever watched

by Uncanny Valley 6 hours ago

It's so creepy, but nicely animated. Like damn.

by S- Hope 10 hours ago

Ed: ............…………………

by Kalab Abraha 7 hours ago

“It's ok silence now.. you are going to give back to us far than you will ever know...”
Christ that line is Terrifying

by HUNTER 8 hours ago

Ngl did anyone else wanna taste retribution? Or is it just me.

by salt123almighty 9 hours ago

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