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Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Patek REACTION/REVIEW

Meami photo 1 Future & Lil Uzi Vert... Meami photo 2 Future & Lil Uzi Vert... Meami photo 3 Future & Lil Uzi Vert... Meami photo 4 Future & Lil Uzi Vert...

3k likes for a new vinyl on the wall and ill do the other Uzi and Future track (Reciprocation always)

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Tbh honest i was a little spooked by the name of the track for obvious reasons lol but the future x uzi combo picking up right where it left off from High On Life. other than that mediocre deluxe album & the sasuke track Uzi has been pretty on point in 2020

by Meami 1 month ago

im convinced they made this song for meami

by stashnites 1 month ago

I clicked just cuz of the thumbnail 🤣

by Bandstand 1 month ago

Eternal Atake dropped damn near 4 months ago and Dev still talm bout “ETERNAL A-TAK-AY” 😂
(And Pop is fire)

by 22caliBeatz 1 month ago

When dev woke up today and found out Uzi dropped a song called “patek” he musta thought it had been a nightmare lmao

by Whiteboy_brick 1 month ago

I haven't even watched it yet and know dev gon say sum about the title being patek 😂🤣

by Jayden Jackson 1 month ago

yo when the wunna deluxe coming my guy ??

by colin yu 1 month ago

Don't get why you get so mad at the word patek just bc one guy overused it. That's like saying no one can say flame in verses bc Travis overuses it...

by Teej Coile 1 month ago

You need to get over your patekphobia my guy

by Lil Zoro Vert 1 month ago

He actually likes it wow this is proof we can change them with peer pressure

by Lil Mal 1 month ago

If future and uzi collab with metro on the production I'll be set for this year

by Christopher White 1 month ago

the way u say patek is annoying😂😂😂 “pateeki”

by King Agar 1 month ago

im already expecting a “PATEEKY PATAKY HELGA G PATAKY”

by saf. 1 month ago

The moment I saw the song name when it dropped I thought of meami .

by AJ Sama 1 month ago

The yt bag is getting bigger😂😂 anyway like the new chains dev they suit you👍🏼

by Nah I’mGood 1 month ago

logic scarred me with the word “Denim”

by lye 1 month ago

Noti gang always got your back 💯💯

by lachlanparrot 1 month ago

Yall, don't run them likes up he gone hate the other track lmao let this be his impresion before the tape drops

by Money Mitch 1 month ago

LMAO I forgot all about Meami’s hatred for the patek

by JJ Is Blasian 1 month ago

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