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[FULL-eng sub] BTS Visual Radio in MBC / 방탄소년단, 배철수의 음악캠프 출연 보이는 라디오

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[FULL-eng sub] BTS Visual Radio in MBC / 방탄소년단, 배철수의 음악캠프 출연 보이는 라디오
57:17 BTS arrived 방탄소년단 MBC 도착!
1:08:07 BTS on-air 방탄소년단, 본방 시작!
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MBC Radio봉춘라디오 photo 1 [FULL-eng sub] BTS Visual Radio... MBC Radio봉춘라디오 photo 2 [FULL-eng sub] BTS Visual Radio... MBC Radio봉춘라디오 photo 3 [FULL-eng sub] BTS Visual Radio... MBC Radio봉춘라디오 photo 4 [FULL-eng sub] BTS Visual Radio...

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BTS arrived 방탄소년단 MBC 도착!
BTS on-air 방탄소년단, 본방 시작!

by MBC Radio봉춘라디오 1 month ago

wait- how many years has it been since bts did a korean radio show 😳😳😳

by Tina Tran 1 month ago

you're all wearing masks, can't tell who's who
*armys who can identify who's who just by seeing their shadow

by I'm about to spit in your face 1 month ago

Those of you complaining about the subs being delayed or off, just know they're doing this live so there will be a delay and who knows if this is their first time trying this with subs for all of us international folk. At least they tried to include us! Be thankful for that, and I'm pretty sure one of our amazing translating armies will redo this interview with more accurate timing in due time. Patience! They're changing things for us! One day it'll be seamless but this is still pretty new.

Anyhoo I love the atmosphere of this interview and just hearing a veteran DJ ask engaging questions and directing the flow. It was endearing! Thank you!

by Sonagi 1 month ago

At When Tae is closing his zipper and then at he realizes they're live on yt lol the shock on his face is priceless 😂

by María José Tapias 1 month ago

i swear jhope was dancing in the womb, this man literally can't walk down a hallway without busting a few moves 😂😂😂😂😂

by LadoraFilms 1 month ago

Did anyone catch when DJ Bae said, he prepared a lot before meeting them so he doesn't get in trouble by the Army, then RM says, "haha they are all good people" 💘😭 Our leader speaks on behalf of his Army 😍 ()

by Woo엔젤라 1 month ago


by jiminssi 4 weeks ago

Bruh the girl in the end just got pushed and pulled by the old man.BTS just wanna throw hands at them.Even I am only watching this I wanna throw hands at them like bruh

by Oikawa's Butt Pads 1 month ago

Comment section: fully Korean
Me: I know this is Korean but I don't know Korean

by Abhisha A R 1 month ago

The way the nation is celebrating and respecting BTS after the Billboard HOT 100 #1 is such an honor. And all the interviews are telecasted live with live English subtitles. Thank You MBC for this and for Eng subtitles. The interview was very nice. It's overwhelming to see them enjoy the session. ARMY's respect you.

by Yukta Agarwal 1 month ago

wtf lmfao why did he have to push her so aggressively and why did the white haired guy have to gRAB her like ???? dont touch her ???? let her move to her spot ????

by rachel choo choo train 1 month ago

When the man in red pushes the woman into frame, watch the boy's reaction; Jimin kind of jolts in surprise and looks at the man, Jin watches her, Suga seems to look around at the cameras as if to say 'did they see that?', J-Hope is also looking but it's hard to decipher his expression and Tae turns to the (I presume who is) the presenter before looking back, Jungkook didn't notice and I don't think RM did either, he just looked up as she came near him. They barely acknowledge the man in the red when he bows to them. Tae and J-Hope, mostly Tae, watch her as she goes to the side and J-Hope and Suga offer for her to go in the centre.
Just something that I noticed. They kind of man handle her in the clip and I'm not sure what to make of it, maybe they were in a hurry since the interview was ending but I just found their reactions interesting. 🤷‍♀️

by Caoimhe Daly 1 month ago

- Taehyung(V) zipping his fly thinking there's no live video stream
and - Shocked Taehyung when the host announced that the video is live streaming
edit: I love his expression!

by Adi A 1 month ago

"Please put off the mask so that we can recognize you"
ARMY:*who can recognize by breathing sound* Nah not a big deal for us

by Rudra Shrestha 1 month ago

I guess at some point, we'll all have to learn Korean.

by Xikatt 1 month ago

I’m sorry but like... I can’t take ma eyes off RM’s chest. ㅠ_ㅠ

by 「JEN KIMONI」 1 month ago

Min That way of grabbing the girl was disrespectful. I know the BTS's members thought the same because they couldnt hide it in their facial expressions.

by Heidi Castro 1 month ago

여러분은 지금 세계평화, 국난극복, 인류행복, 사회복지를 위해 힘쓰고있는 BTS와 함께하고 계십니다.

by Bombi Lee 1 month ago

우리 탄이들 미국 일본 방송에만 나왔는데 불러 주셔서 감사하고 나와줘서 고마워요
한국방송에서도 자주 볼 수 있었으면 좋겠어요

by Joy P. 1 month ago

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