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Shallow Cover - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (Daddy Daughter Duet) Mat and Savanna Shaw

#Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper #A Star is Born #Lady Gaga Cover #You've got a friend in me #Music
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Perhaps the greatest gift music gives us, is the way our hearts connect with it—but the words within any given song can speak so differently one person to another. 
“Shallow” was a song I finally connected with on a deeper level when I realized it was actually written about cell phones. Lady Gaga said, “I really believe in my heart that the unfortunate truth is that our cell phones are becoming reality. ...In this song we provide not just a conversation, but a very poignant statement. I wish not to be in the shallow, but I am. I wish to dive off the deep end, so watch me do it. I think this is something that speaks to many people, and during, I think, a very shallow time, it’s a chance for us to grab hands, dive into the water, and swim to the deepest depths that we can.” 
This is a good reminder to us all to not get caught up in the things we see on our screens. There are opportunities all around us to TRULY connect in REAL ways, and deep connections are something every human being needs to survive and thrive. I’m especially grateful for music, and the wonderful ways in which it brings people together. 
I hope you enjoy our cover of “Shallow” :)
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