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Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD

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Please keep the politics out of the comments and enjoy the music.
Heart w/ Jason Bonham - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center in HD

#Jason Bonham #kennedy #Page #stairway #HD #center #Led Zeppelin (Project) #heart #stairway to heaven #Robert Plant (Singer) #tribute #honors

Mark Pakula photo 1 Heart - Stairway to Heaven... Mark Pakula photo 2 Heart - Stairway to Heaven... Mark Pakula photo 3 Heart - Stairway to Heaven... Mark Pakula photo 4 Heart - Stairway to Heaven...

This is not a song, it's an experience. And Heart just made that experience extraordinary. Mind-blown.

by Shail Soni 1 week ago

Un tribunal muy exigente: esas caras de satisfacción y emoción, lo dicen todo. Señores: ya son mayores, pero sepan que no han vivido en vano.

by Vicente Lloret 1 week ago

Seeing Jason playing his fathers drum kit ,wearing his hat and Plant watching his best friends son looking that way broke Plant. Plant really is a good man.

by Drew Taks 21 hours ago

robert plant with tears in his eyes. the best compliment for the band!

by alter Zausel 6 days ago

"We're going to play stairway to heaven in front of Led Zeppelin everyone, no pressure"

by Soma874 4 weeks ago

Does anyone else come back and watch this a couple of times a week?

by David Hardt 1 week ago

I imagine this to be the absolute peak of a music career. Sitting atop the balcony of a massive performance hall watching other very talented musicians perform your most classic song while you and your band mates watch, listen, and feel the music, your memories from all past performances form a string of bliss and before you know it you realize what everyone else has known for a long time. This song changed your life.

by Jake Godfrey 6 days ago

Imagine playing that solo infront of Jimmy Page. No pressure.

by NiceNice Nice 4 days ago

I'm literally crying at Robert crying every time I watch this video. Such an emotional song and an amazing vocal performance by Ann, it's almost impossible not to cry.
It's not easy to make justice to such a precious gem.

by MrsVeronicat 1 week ago

Jason bonham is playing on dad's old drum kit

by bill orights 4 years ago

Imagine how humbling that must have been... To know you impacted the entire musical history of the human race with your art.

by Scott O'Nanski 20 hours ago

I appreciate this song much more now than when I was a kid. I've watched this over the years and it still blows me away.

by Jonathan Steele 1 day ago

At the end everybody is applauding everybody. We need more moments like that.

by Roy G. Biv 1 week ago

There’s not many people on this earth that can sing this the way it should be . Ann is one of a couple

by owen freed 5 days ago

The guy playing the guitar solo a.k.a the most nervous person in the room.

by Jrrest Tucherweizen 2 months ago

Two things that get me every time. First, seeing the world's greatest cellist, Yo Yo Ma, closing his eyes and getting into the guitar solo, and then shortly after, the choir rising from the back of the stage, making everyone in the theater gasp in awe at the power of the event. . Brilliant live arrangement, that I suspect the remaining members of Led Zeppelin will never forget.

by Alan Mauro 4 days ago

Rumour has it that everyone is still clapping to this day.

by Kodie Gregory 5 days ago

If you make Jimmy Page Smile at your solo, and Robert Plant tear up, you know you've done a good job.

by The Spoken Word 1 week ago

Led Zep have that look of people who know their legacy is in safe hands.......it's so much of a "we did well" look....

by Indraneel Bhat 1 day ago

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