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SpaceX Starship News, Crew dragon return & splashdown, Starlink, Rocket Lab, Virgin Galactic updates

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The first 200 get 20% off the annual Brilliant subscription! http://brilliant.org/MarcusHouse/. It has been a mind-blowing week of space news with SpaceX Starship 150m flight, Crew dragon return & splashdown, Starlink and launch 9 (version 1 satellites). SpaceX with the successful completion of the much anticipated 150-meter hop test flight of the Starship prototype SN5 was simply spectacular. We had an equally incredible conclusion to the crew dragon Endeavour test flight with the safe return of Bob and Doug splashing down off the coast of Florida. Starlink launch 9 of the version 1 satellites just a day ago. RocketLab’s investigation concludes with the results released into the cause of the Electron's failure to reach orbit. And Virgin Galactic announced exciting first steps into the proposed development of a new generation of high-speed aircraft.
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