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bts ending comedians careers

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welcome to this weeks breakdown of funny s**t bts does (I wish I could swear more on here but I guess I can't (young audience + yt guidelines)) so bear with me, I'm trying to be as funny as I possibly can (which is not that funny apparently).
please excuse any typos, I hand write all captions so there might be an error or two :).
FAQs, - What program/app do you use to edit?.
I edit with Premiere Pro / After Effects
- What's the intro song?.
- When did you become an ARMY?.
In September 2019.
- Who's your bias?.
Taehyung but of course I love all of them, I'm especially weak for Jimin, Jungkook and Yoongi
If you have further questions, feel free to comment or send me a question on curiouscat.
Love you.
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#bts #crackheads #funny

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to answer your questions, where are the videos from? :) 
Intro: Clip is from BTS Festa 2020, the fan chant they're singing is from BangBangCon the Live
BangBangCon the Live
Hobi most recent VLive
most recent Jikook VLive
part of their Japan promotions, no link bc the full vid got taken down :(
the rest is from the RUN BTS 105 and more clips from already mentioned VLives!

by KOOKIESTAETAS 3 months ago

V: who’s this bracelet for?
J hope: Army
V: ...don’t you need to make about 50 million of them then?
Welp, that’s Tae for you

by Spaghetti aaand Sprite 3 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you bts the biggest boy group in the world and also worldwide crackheads

Edit: wow I didn't thought this comment would have get this much like thank you for the like💖

by ashana sharma 3 months ago

breaking news

Jungkook looks better than all of us combined

by Sofia Pastore 3 months ago

I cannot WAIT for part 3 of that RUN episode. They really just keep getting funnier... or weirder- same thing.

by Moni Muppet 3 months ago

At this point I dont know what my life would be with out bts

by yaz zzie 3 months ago

Nobody at all:
Not even staff members for BTS:
Not even RM:

Jungkook: Rrrrrrrrrrrrap Monster

by Jo Jo 3 months ago

Jungkook: I have no words. You make me speechless.
Jimin: Bish I want the words 😑

by Ira Kumar 3 months ago

"I'm watching you Jimin" Jk sounds like a stalker wth

by BxkedBeans. 3 months ago

I really hope they know their own memes, like the classics ya know..
“Stob it”
“You got no jams”
“Hamburger and sprite”
“Ding dong”
LiKe ya know? I just really hope this is an inside joke between BTS and ARMY and not just between the ARMY fandom

by StOb iT 3 months ago

Jungkook saying LOL is the best thing I've heard in my 16 year's of existence 😂😂💜💜😜

by Bts_ Vibes 3 months ago

Jungkook looks so good in the outfit Jin made in the run episode that’s how good looking he is- like he can pull it off so well my brain is still trying to process his looks.

by Erica Anderson 3 months ago

Jimin- Tatatata
Jhope- wtf was that???
Also Jhope- proceeds to make gun noises towards jimin
Namjoon- can I join him ??

by _Hopeful Yoongi7 3 months ago

RM was kind of nervous while watching JK try to talk about Jimin... 😱 the moment RM couldn't help but burst into laughing when he saw the confused face of Jimin is really hilarious....🤣🤣🤣

by Peggy Su 2 months ago

The face jimin made when Jungkook said "Im watching you jImIn- sSi😂😂
He was like, 😳😳😳Excuse me what did you just say?!
And Namjoon was just like laughing of the awkardness they made😂

by Asian Pocahontas 2 months ago

Suga to Jimin: "Here comes the little boss" . LMAO as if he's very tall hahaha

by Akinah_Jin Cult 1 month ago

hey, where is the link when yoongi was commenting on Jungkook's movie poster?

by perkins1704 3 months ago

Hobi dropping the bracelet is my life story.

by Priscila 3 months ago


by Hanifah Dee 3 months ago

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