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Committing to Change

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People tyna cancel Joe
This man has probably done more than any of y'all to help humanity, these last few months.

by Retro radio 19 hours ago

As a fan who is black I truly appreciate JK for years of laughter and I will always be a JK fan. Thank you for your genuine support and efforts.

by Clifford Johnson 19 hours ago

I feel like though jk isn’t the biggest YouTube channel, it’s fans are super close knit and generally know how genuine the jk cast is. That’s pretty cool.

by AmuJaxx 19 hours ago

Loved this vid!! Cancel culture isn’t bashing random celebrities over slight means. We are all flawed humans and deserve to grow. Also to any Asian JK fans we are aware of the disgusting and racist behaviours you have experienced during this time and I just want to say sorry, but please don’t let that stop you from supporting us. Like Joe said “it’s us against racism.” 💜

by Herica Neves 8 hours ago

Honestly, I like this, been a fan for years, some shit has been offensive, but if you are a long time listener, you get that it doesn't come from a negative place and it's usually really funny despite the jab, I honestly felt you guys weren't that offensive at all, some jokes felt a lil half assed but it's comedy and honestly you guys mean well. I'll continue to support the channel, love you guys

by Rudolph Fisher 13 hours ago

You guys have changed a lot over the years and y'all are doing fine. Carry along and good luck in the future.

by Jeremiah Jitsukawa 15 hours ago

They ain’t trying to be the next Shane Dawson or Jenna Marbles lol. But im glad they are owning their past choices and growing.

by UniquelyMade 20 hours ago

They pulled a Uno reverse card on being canceled.

by Crown Clown 17 hours ago

Lol obviously this came after Jenna's apology, but I appreciate it. No excuses made, its a straight up apology. They need to show Steve and Nikki how to do a proper apology.

by aznfangrl612 16 hours ago

Me: I mean it's cool. I know they used to say nigga back in the day. They've grown. At least they never did blackface.

Bart: "I'm ashamed that I did blackface for a skit once"


But the growth and maturity you guys have shown and the TRUTHFUL and SINCERE acknowledgment of your past mistakes shines on. I'm proud of the men you have become today. Thank you for helping me through my toughest days. Much love, forever.

by Geulimja 19 hours ago

Never thought I’d see the day where the Asian YouTube OG Uncos have to make a video like this. Nevertheless, this video seemed well thought out and major respect for the JK family.

by Dimas Andrei 19 hours ago

Bart knows he will make another mexican joke on Geo whenever he gets a chance lol

by Mauricio Alquezada 19 hours ago

Just because they never came out and blatantly say it doesn't mean this change didn't occur a long time ago... They stopped making that type of content for a while now. So y'all can stop with the YoRe JuZ NoW LeArnInG comments...

by Fa Tee 19 hours ago

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to make a whole hearted apology video that focused on what you can do better in the future instead of downplaying what was done in the past. I hope to see this growth in upcoming content ❤️

by Briana Lee 20 hours ago

This is the best apology video. If it wasn’t, David would’ve roasted the shit out of you guys. 😂

by Nathan 15 hours ago

Dang everyone is doing these videos now.

AdPocalypse Season 3

by CallMeTyson 7 hours ago

I'm one of your black fans but only speaking on behalf of myself. I think this was an apology video well done. I respect the fact that you took full responsibility for your actions and did not excuse any of your actions. A lot of others use the "it was a different time" "we did not know better" and "it was just a joke" as excuses. I'm glad that you did not do that. Wrong is wrong no buts or ifs. I'm also glad that you did not blame this whole movement on cancel culture. This movement's purpose is mainly bringing to attention a lot of issues within our society that we should all collectively work on. All it is asking for is acknowledging the wrongs, apologizing for it and committing to doing better.

by Moon dust 19 hours ago

Black/Filipino fan here, I’ve be watching jk content ever since the uncles, these two have give back so much to me and all others who have grown with them, but they still feel they should show accountability for past actions, Never have I felt that Bart and joe or any jk crew members have offended me. their contributions to us as fans have and continue to make up for any ignorance shown in the past. by not beings complacent makes me love them even more. I’ll continue to love and support the jk crew❤️❤️❤️

by AU RA 18 hours ago

I appreciate this video a lot I've been a fan of yalls for years and there have been some insensitive/ hurtful moments and even some moments where yall spoke without doing enough research. However I really like that yall are willing to work on your faults individually and as a company. One of the biggest things that I kind of never agreed with was saying that people are being sensitive or invalidating their feelings because yall cant relate. Again, i really do appreciate that yall are willing to work on and change these things.💜

by Mercy E. 4 hours ago

As young black man in my 20s, who been watching your videos for practically a decade, I respect this.

We know your humour can be abit crude/crass, but more than anything we know that it's never been malicious. I think alot of us that have been watching you guys for years have seen the growth and maturity that you have gone through.

Recent events have allowed you to understand that what you did in the past was wrong. Being ignorant isn't the problem, it's when you can't acknowledge you're wrong/refuse to change your ways. So well done to you guys for seeing that. I think this whole period is a good time for reflection, for all of us to educate ourselves.

You guys been making me laugh for years!! Keep doing what you're doing!!

by TheTribalFreshie 2 hours ago

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