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Julie and the Phantoms - Julie sings Bright with the Phantoms (Episode 2)

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High schooler Julie lost her passion for music after her mom died last year. But when the ghosts of three dreamy musicians from 1995 appear, they reawaken Julie's own inner spirit and create a new band together: Julie and the Phantoms. Based on the original Brazilian series Julie e os Fantasmas.

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this show is the best thing i’ve ever accidentally watched

by Jay Cabading 1 week ago

the amount of times I've rewatched this show is unbelievable, the chemistry between the leads is fire and the music is amazing

by indianavmin 1 week ago

Am i the only one who watched this more then once ??

by Christina B 1 week ago

I can’t be the only one who is watching this Series OVER and Over And Over (mostly cause of Juke (Luke and Julie) )

by Sunset_ Avos 1 day ago

Personally, I think the three boys are cute.
So sad that they died

by Horse Crazy 1 week ago

Who else thought when they saw the trailer thought it was a movie

Edit: TYSM for 392 likes that is the most I’ve ever gotten

Edit 2: TYSM for 1.1k likes this is the most I’ve ever gotten

by Xx_Xavier_xX :3 1 week ago

Anyone else die a little at the way Charlie(Luke) sings "I feel something around me now" because I do.

by Mariah Dibben 1 week ago

I love charlie's voice and all...but I want Jeremy to sing too. He only had The Band Is Back.

by Kezia Joy London 1 week ago

I enjoyed Charlies (Lukes) Solo parts, hes so damn good. I could listen to it all day...

by Ail een 1 week ago

Charlie is sooo good everytimes he sings it shocks me but i also want jeremy and owen to sing more because they’re awesome too

by TheAsmaaAttack ! 1 week ago

This is moment when everyone realized that Julie and Luke had mad chemistry and things where gonna steam up from there. Just look closely my people 🥺❤️. Staring into each other souls and the way he bites his lips when he looks at her. Even Alex peeped the way they be looking at each other 😉

by Aylin Savinon 1 week ago

pls tell me i’m not the only one who literally rewatches these music vids and the show over and over again- LMAO

by angelys dayanara 6 days ago

Ok did any one else notice that smile Alex had when Julie and Luke started singing together EVEN ALEX SHIPS THEM!!!

Also when Reggie winks

by TextingStorries!! !!!! 5 days ago

I like how they knew people could hear them when they perform, but they had no idea they'd be visible with Julie. They just wanted to support their girl and wished themselves up on stage to support her ❤

by Destiny McNulty 1 week ago

Finished the show in one day and cry a little and made me happy I’m loving this show so much we need season 2

by PRINCESS x P4ND4 1 week ago

Fun fact: This show is a remake of a old brazilian teen show of same title but in portuguese "Julie e os Fantasmas". As a proud brazilian, it makes me really happy to see everyone enjoying the series I grew up with<3 That remake is so freaking good!!💕💕

by cmsstt 1 week ago

If this show doesn’t get a season 2 I will literally cry

by Aria Flame 1 week ago

I love all the reactions when they realize that the people can see them

by Queen of Swords 16 1 week ago

Is it me or does anyone else hear her giggle when the band starts playing together?

by Merari Padua 1 week ago

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