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Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett Dating Rumours! #Teatalk Bryce Hall Confronts Jordan Tucker!

#BlakeGray #JadenHossler #Tiktok #Noahbeck #Comedy
Today the boys joke about the drama in TikTok! If you can’t take jokes go watch buzzfeed!.
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Josh Richards photo 1 Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett... Josh Richards photo 2 Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett... Josh Richards photo 3 Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett... Josh Richards photo 4 Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett...

I love how Noah is just so chill and literally zoning out. He's such a mood.

by lije noa 2 months ago

Literally nobody:......
Me: staring at byrce and his ex picture over Noah's head.....

by Zoelaka Logan 2 months ago

Noah is literally the new Anthony, he's always eating lmao

by Brookie B 2 months ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Not even the spider chilling in the corner:
Not EVEN the ants on the food:

Noah: eating the whole time, then being replaced by Bryce

by Kerrigan Bishop 1 month ago

Josh has too be the funniest guy he literally said “ WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS ISNT MUKBANG “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

by yes ma’am 2 months ago

I love how josh , curtis and blake are talking and noah is just chillin' and eating.

by Maria Semaan 2 months ago

Not josh:
Not Blake:
Not even the comments:
Noah: eating fries and chicken tenders 👁👄👁

by iitsKara 15 2 months ago

Blake: yOuR AN onlY ChILd
Josh: I have 2 siblings head a$$

by Avery C 2 months ago

no one:
literally no one:
Blake: ShiVeR mE TiMBerS

by janna L 2 months ago

“Curtis and Josh actually participating in the tea talk”
“Noah eating ofc”
“Blake looking inside a Pepsi bottle”

by Jesus 1 month ago

Josh: “I think they should ban Zoe and Cody’s accounts”. Noah: “I’m out of fries”

by Willy Avakin 2 months ago

No one:
Blake,Curtis, and Josh: yelling into the intro HEYYYBGUYSSS WELCOMEVNAVBACKTO TEATOK
Noah: just eating in the background the whole video

by Jacky yooo 2 months ago


literally nobody:

me trying to figure out who’s in the poster in the back: 👁👄👁

by lex 2 months ago

I like how Josh,Blake, and Curtis are just acting like crackheads and Noah is just sitting there politely and just eating.

by Laylana Russell 2 months ago


Not a single soul:

Blake:"sHiVeR mE TiMbErS"

by Habib Atiyeh 2 months ago

I like how the boys make jokes over things other people take seriously. Our sense of humor is the same.

by Kyanah 2 months ago


Literally nobody:
“Josh makes the intro and noah eating”

by Farrel Azraqi 4 weeks ago

josh: “this isn’t muckbang”
noah: “i don’t know what that is”

by Abigail Nelson 2 days ago

I love how they are all talking and Noah is just chilling because he dosent want to get in drama he is the mood❤️

by Rubi Galleos 2 months ago

Noah: "I'm not unusual"
Also Noah: 'Eats the whole time and drinks from a WHOLE Pepsi bottle. Luv u guys

by Isabella Brito 2 months ago

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