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This Was Unexpected!!! RawbeautyKristi x PUR Woo Chile!

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Helloooo bbs! Todays review is going to feature the new Rawbeautykristi x Pur Cosmetics double sided eyeshadow palette. Let's see if she is worth the hype and the splurge!.
dress - kai collective https://bit.ly/308lSQ6
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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
Phil 4:13

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Jackie Aina photo 1 This Was Unexpected!!! RawbeautyKristi x... Jackie Aina photo 2 This Was Unexpected!!! RawbeautyKristi x... Jackie Aina photo 3 This Was Unexpected!!! RawbeautyKristi x... Jackie Aina photo 4 This Was Unexpected!!! RawbeautyKristi x...

JACKIEEEE I am officially dead and so grateful I could cry. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t even explain how surreal it is for me to see you using my palette. It looks UNBELIEVABLE on you and this truly made my day. 🥺😭💕💕🙏🏼 THANK YOU!!!

by RawBeautyKristi 4 days ago

jackie putting a coco montrese clip when she was talking about the orange eyeshadow........... 👁👄👁

by Kathleen Gordola 3 days ago

unproblematic Beauty Creators that I enjoy watching:
for makeup
Jackie Aina
Robert Welsh
Alexandra Anele
Wayne Goss
for skincare
James Welsh
Beauty whitin
The Golden Rx

by Estefani Fernandez 3 days ago

"You need to take a step back and worry about YOU, and why your mask smells like that on the inside." 😭😭YES

by Jenny Burks 3 days ago

when Jackie Aina said: “I’ve never been called ugly by someone more attractive than me ”…. i felt that

by Edgardo's World 4 days ago

“Layered on top of each other in a little entanglement”...YOU KNOW WHAT :joy::joy:

by Taylor Brown 2 days ago

Love love love how united the beauty community is when it comes to Kristi. Such a wonderful woman, everyone loves to see her winning!

by Phoebe Yule 3 days ago

Jackie hyping Kristi and her pallete is the positivity I needed to see today

by Sunny Neon Raye 2 days ago

“I’ve never been called ugly by someone more attractive than me” LMAO TRUTH

by Tangerina 4 days ago

mask content would be 1. helpful for anyone who still wants to wear makeup when they go out and 2. responsible to do as an influencer! using your platform to encourage safety is a good thing. i don’t see why anyone would be mad about that kind of content but i guess folks can find a reason to be mad about anything 🙄

by k. g. 3 days ago

I know she is trying to match her dress but the only thing I can see is the flag of Ethiopia.

by Marieke Schouten 3 days ago

I need to know who said Jackie doesn’t know how to blend cause they need their eyes checked IMMEDIATELY

by Sasa 2 days ago

Jackie: mentions her niece is here

Me: CAN I-

Jackie: y'all ain't gonna see her, DONT ask

Me: ._.

by karina quin 4 days ago

WAIT do a video on why you dont like the word "POC" because that would be interesting (to me atleast).

by Paige Frank 3 days ago

No she did not just say "entanglement" 😂

by Alesia Adams 3 days ago

Dare I say that the eyes are giving 🇬🇾 (Guyanese flag) 😎

by lynsie.bear 3 days ago

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