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A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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the way you talk about her- everyone should have that once in their life

by Kylee Grace 6 hours ago

Hes so in love with her and ive never seen a guy talk about a girl like he does about her! I hope fate brings y'all back together cause I feel in my heart, y'all are soulmates. I love how even tho he isn't feeling his normal crazy self and still makes me laugh because of something funny he'll through in. Anyways love you Jack and it'll get better❤❤❤

by Gemmie Land 4 hours ago

“It’s the little things that matter, not the huge catastrophic shit...” truer words have never been spoken

by William Gainey 1 hour ago

The way he talks about Gabrielle makes my heart melt and smile, but seeing him so broken (im sure both are) and knowing they're apart is just breaking my heart. I want to give both of them big hugs. I'm sending my love to you both. I've followed them both for years now.

by Ashley Aguilar 5 hours ago

i started crying when he said “you don’t really appreciate it until it’s gone”🥺🥺

by Christineella123 4 hours ago

Jack: i really thought i would marry that girl, i really thought i would marry Gabrielle Moses

Me: don't cry, don't cry

by mira skipper 5 hours ago

Is it just me or is anyone wondering WHY DID THEY BREAK UP? 😂

by Martha Harrison 7 hours ago

at “and eat peanut butter crunchy flatbread.” A whole mood.

by byerats123 b 6 hours ago

It scares me to think that I’ll never have something like this...

by Verushka Naicker 3 hours ago

Jack: “I really thought I would marry that girl. I really thought I would marry Gabrielle Moses”
Me: I’m not crying, I’m not crying 😢

by Adventure Squad 6 hours ago

Jack: talks about how amazing Gabrielle is
Me: “don’t cry, don’t cry, dont cry”

by Ali Cat 3 hours ago

“Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together”
I just can't process this video yet 😭
I just want the next vlog to be we are back together

by The Unknown 1 hour ago

A moment of silence to think about how much he still loves her

by DELTA GAMES 3 hours ago

Everyone’s saying they need to get back together. Although that’s something we can want, that’s not something they need. Yes, it’s heartbreaking on fans and them. But reading comments hoping they get back together will not help the grieving period.

by Kacey lynn 6 hours ago

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" John

by Abounding grace 7 hours ago

Can we just appreciate the fact that he remembers every single memory with its details with gab?

by CH _2006 4 hours ago

I hate that they broke up in my head right now I’m like “GET BACK TOGETHER”

by Olivia Hastings 5 hours ago

Jack I'm sorry that this happened you and Gabrielle were the cutest couple ever.

by Gage Miller 5 hours ago

I'm scared for him he's so up set we all love you jack

by Bambi YT 7 hours ago

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