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Jayson Tatum Postgame Interview - Game 5 | Heat vs Celtics | September 25, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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Today Celtics started the game badly BUT end the game with a bang in Q3 and Q4. 11 turnovers and 56 points inside the paint. Let hope game 6 we play with the same intensity and defence

by THK Teo 2 weeks ago

Just remember the heart and soul of this team are 22 and 23 years old respectively... Wait until they are in their prime together.

by Anthony Hutchins 2 weeks ago

Jayson Tatum hat is really distracting the hell out of me


by Indigo The Demigod 2 weeks ago

Anything can happen so stop making predictions and see what's going to happen in the series

by Ryan Alexander 2 weeks ago

Theis playing for his job at this point. Kanter looked great, and Williams looked great yesterday

by Anthony Vespe 2 weeks ago

Let's go Jayson! You got this! The Celtics can force a Game 7 and win this series!

by Crystal L. 2 weeks ago

Nah the Heat just collapse in 2nd half. It won't happen again. Heat is too consistent of a team to lose 3 games in a row. They will bounce back and close this out in game 6. Bam saying it was his fault a sign that he will be agressive in game 6. Too many jumps hots for him. That's not his game.

by Crypto Berto 2 weeks ago

I KNOW WHAT EVERYONE IS THINKING.... what is he wearing? lol

by jason! 2 weeks ago

What's up with the hat? Guess people gotta make a throwing up Celtic hat now when they lose in game 6.

by That Boy 2 weeks ago

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