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The Wings Tour In Seoul DVD - Commentary

The Wings Tour In Seoul DVD

hobihobal photo 1 The Wings Tour In Seoul... hobihobal photo 2 The Wings Tour In Seoul... hobihobal photo 3 The Wings Tour In Seoul... hobihobal photo 4 The Wings Tour In Seoul...

i just fckin realized man,
Army watching vcr : OMGOMG THEORIES it's connected omg :'(

meanwhile BTS : Lol your head is round

by Huan Yang 1 year ago

Tae: Your sweat look like tears.
JK: They're tears.

by Danni Wills 4 months ago

I love how hope noticed that Jimin was feeling down and a little depressed that day
he keeps saying: jimin what's up with u, you're so good looking
and then jin joins saying jimin was the best looking

his hyungs know about his feelings and really care for him , it's just so cute

by Nahid Amiri 9 months ago

Suga: silently watching it
V: has the biggest crush on J-hope
J-hope: laughing at himself
Jimin: embarrassed of himself
Rm: magically dissapears
Jin: empressed of the others
Jungkook through the entire thing: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘

All of them together: crackhead energy: on

by Vxiqewbaa 2 months ago

jhope: exists

by Ava T 1 year ago

J-Hope: isnt Jimin's clothes revealing too much?
Jin: Jimin is sexy
Jungkook: dont beat the hearts of ARMY

Me: Jungkook, you're too late, our hearts stopped from beating already.

by seokjinsbread 2 months ago

Is it just me or when I saw Jungkook and V trying to get the hand shake right at was cuteeee ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’–

by aesthetic_jungshook _rosรฉy 8 months ago

Nobody; not even colourblind people

Suga: Your stage is red

by DimnieTv 16 9 months ago

V during all performances where is J-hope: "OOHH J-hope!!", "Look at J-hope!", "Ohhh~~", "J-hope is cool!", "Waaa J-hope", "J-hope is good looking/handsome", "He's so charming", "Ahh you really...", "Ohhh J-hope!"... All saying with a big smile :D
HE'S A MOOD!!! He loves, apreciatte, and respect Hoseok so much!

by Smile Hoya 2 months ago

Aww I really wanted to see BTSโ€™ reaction to Taeโ€™s high note in Stigma :(

by taebxbytae 9 months ago

โ€œis it a decalcomania?โ€
2019 jungkook: I want to be your decalcomania

by NoJams95 11 months ago

This is basically taehyung fanboying over hoseok for 37 minutes straight

by Wentzlet 6 months ago

I was so into Vhope that i didn't notice how smol JK looked in Taehyung's arms

by lun 7 months ago

Jimin says he can't do multiple things at once but us A.R.M.Y's are watching the actual concert cam, watching them react, and reading subtitles.

by Mintsiclestyle 2 years ago

(P.S. Jin having the cutest face ever for the entire video)

by Benny Haibara 4 months ago

jimin: criticizing himself and his dance moves
me: no no no you are the most perfect little mochi ever

by Angry Peaches 2 months ago

Jimin's mind: The fools, forgot, ha, sure I forgot. No way I wasting all that pretty on some goofy shit.

Jimin, the fairest of them all and the Slytherin king.

by bluebeanbaby 11 months ago

RM: He looks like a boy.
Jimin: I am a boy.
Me: lol...

by Priyanshu K 11 months ago

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