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Best "Big Guy" Moments in US Sports History

#dontari poe td throw #dan connolly kick return #sp:st=football #nfl #Sports
Best "Big Guy" Moments in Sports History
NOTE: Most of these are from the NFL/Football, because that is the main sport with "big guys". Sports like tennis, golf, or soccer do not have plays like this as far as I know. If I missed any, please let me know kindly and I might be able to create a part 2.
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When the video starts with the thumbnail 🔥

by Young Richter 2 years ago

"big man with ball"
"His kids are screaming"

I love football announcers

by Ryan Jameson 8 months ago

For non-baseball fans, the first clip is Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon, he was a pitcher and that was his only homerun he has ever hit in his 15 year-long career. And he was in his early 40’s too

by TheHuskyK9 1 week ago

Larry Allen running down that LB is still the most athletic big man play in history. Just an incredible display of big man athleticism.

by Howard 2 months ago

props to Shaq for that huge jump to protect those kids, he could have seriously injured one of them if he landed on them.

by SentByHim 1 year ago

Dude the baseball player that took a nacho, I'm literally in tears x'D

by Jimmy Gangster 1 year ago

You know SHAQ had to make an appearance!

by Daniel Ally 26 minutes ago

“He feels the pressure comin, as gay lays the wood on em” 😂

by i8dapuszy 1 year ago

For those non hockey fans out there for reference those first hockey clips are big boy moments, Chara is 7 ft 2 and plays hockey for some reason.

by Sirfrostysnow 1 year ago

“Did he take a nacho?”...

“Yes...that’s beautiful”

by the_random_gamer 1 year ago

Big man exists

Commentators: make sure everyone knows he's big man

by T.J. Spike 2 months ago

In unison: "LARRY ALLEN?!?!?!" LOL

by Shaun Hughes 8 months ago

"He feels the pressure as Gay lays the wood on him" out of context is not a good sentence

by WiskyR6 1 year ago

Larry Allen running full speed at you has to be utterly terrifying

by Texjwal 2 months ago

“How old is he?”

“I em twelf.” 😂

by RushFanatic87 1 year ago

Anyone else wanna go back to the days where, just like prince, We can snag nachos from strangers and laugh about it?

by Pookie CS 4 days ago

“Best big man moments in US sports history”

shows a clip from the CFL

This is proof that Canada is really just the 51st state in the union

by Luke Burchardt 3 months ago

Bartolo’s home run is such an underrated moment, that was awesome

by Vince McMahon 2 months ago

I'm 6'3"
But only 190lbs. and sprinting is inconvenient
300+lbs is just insane at a full wind sprint
how did he stop

by FootPlaysStuff 1 year ago

He protecc
He attacc
Most importantly...
He become legend while eating Big Macc

by Uncle Anaesthesia 11 months ago

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