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BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED and We Go Over and Confront Bryce Hall About It, We Go To The Studio to Record a Banger, Then Back To The Sway House Where We Turn The Boy's into Frat Boys! Make Sure To Like and Comment Down Below, Subscribe so we can hit 1 Million Subscribers before August 14th which is Bryce's Birthday, I Also Lost My Allowance from Dixie, being serious though I Love Every Single One!!!
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Griffin Johnson photo 1 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED Griffin Johnson photo 2 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED Griffin Johnson photo 3 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED Griffin Johnson photo 4 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED

Griffin seeing Nessa:

No one:
Literally no one:
Griffin: Maybe I should call josh for permission..

by A l i x a 13 hours ago

Love how griffin says if we don’t sub he will be homeless but if everyone unsubscribed he could become a doctor

by Elle Hall 10 hours ago

To everyone watching it after a few days or hours, the tittle was “BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED”

by Giovana Balbo 14 hours ago

Who’s here because griffin cheated on Dixie.


by Jenni A 5 hours ago

Griffin: BUYHEES, sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Dixie Damelio: gone

by zooey yang 13 hours ago

“ you might have seen me with his girlfriend on youtube trending “
bryce, just confirm it already

by Yasmin Chikh 14 hours ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Not even Bryce:

by Camila Nakazaki 3 hours ago

Literally 99% of you won't see this but, I hope everybody had a good day, and god bless you 🙏^

by 3k subs before 2021 6 hours ago

Why did he need to ask josh for permission Nessa and him aren’t dating lol

by Marwa A 14 hours ago

They didn’t talk about bradisson ugh it’s just a freakin clickbait!!!😭😪😰

by Adiam Fessha 11 hours ago

Griffin: "what is the only excuse to walk into a house of betas?'
Bryce: "if your stealing the chics"
Me: oh shit doesnt he have a girlfriend dies

by Hadley Gustin 11 hours ago

Who’s here bc he cheated on dixie🙄🙄🙄


by Gaming With Chloe 4 hours ago

" gO sTrEam nEsSa'S song" is anyone going to talk about the fact the nessa's song hasn't dropped yet?!

by M.I Royale 14 hours ago

Josh: u might have seen my with his girl freind trending like 3 days ago
Bryce:doesn't even say that addison is not his girl freind and jsut say and u might of seen him and his ex girlfriend trending lkek a month ago

by Amelia Marsh 13 hours ago

Who’s here after griffin cheated on Dixie ✨

by Cc Coleman 9 hours ago

Who is here after the news of him cheating

by Neliy Linares 7 hours ago

who’s here now that they found out that he cheated on dixie

by Jazlyn Arias 8 hours ago


not even bryce:

griffin: makes us wait 20 hours for a hat

by Layla Roman 11 hours ago

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