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BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Stay Gold’ [FULL PERFORMANCE] at TBS 'CDTV LIVE!'

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STAY GOLD English Translation, [Intro: Jungkook, SUGA]
Ooh ooh
In a world where you feel cold
You gotta stay gold
Oh baby
[Verse 1: SUGA, RM]
Charming moonlight
Another sleepless night
Playing hide and seek under the moonlight
Dive into your heart, getting closer
Before you know it
Don't know the impurity
Your eyes are like diamonds
Prettier than any other gem
I am constantly fascinated
Can't take my eyes off you, no more
[Pre-Chorus: V]
Even the clock hands
Will stop moving
Uh let it glow
[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V]
Stay gold
Even in a dream
Stay gold
I'll find you
Stay gold, gold
I want to see you
Stay gold
You are everything
Stay gold
For all of you
Stay gold
My heart will be fascinated
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold
Eternally, forever gold
[Verse 2: J-hope]
Don't be afraid
I'll approach slowly
I'm giving you advance notice baby
I'll gently accept your vulnerable self
Your deepest parts now...
[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook]
I scream out the thoughts
The drum's beating faster
Uh let it show
[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V]
Stay gold
As long as you’re here
Stay gold
I don’t need anything else
Stay gold, gold
Just want to hold you
Stay gold
Love is endless
Stay gold
Uncovering the light
Stay gold
More than any stars
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold
Stay gold
Eternally forever gold

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Okay but who else loved v and jk's hairstyle?? It slayed my heart💜💜🥺

by Anushtha Sharma 1 months ago

Jin’s STAY GOLD” is sooooo powerful and beautiful 🥺 their voices are all so beautiful. 100% live 🥺I’m in love with their voice. 🥺 btw, people argued only Jimin or Jungkung doing the high notes, but it ended up both of them did it together 😂😂😂 they also removed the background vocal runs from the live performance. 😅

by Still With You 1 months ago

damn it, did JK eat CDs for breakfast, lunch and dinner again??? Kookie ah, it’s not healthy you know that right? Starting the song with those English perfectly like that??? your voice is GOLD, DIAMOND, RUBY, EMERALD, TOPAZ, SAPPHIRE, AMETHYST, GARNET, ZIRCON, PEARL, PERIDOT, AMBER, CHRYSOBERYL..... YOUR VOICE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER IN EVERY COMEBACK. UGH. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT ><

by Still With You 1 months ago

I loved how JK and JM's voice blended so well together.

by SaG 1 months ago


by lingeringblue 1 months ago

wait... Jins live is better than audio ver. ? I love it

by Thao Pham 1 months ago

Worldwide vocal king seokjin!!!
Jin's voice is so beautiful

by erun jain 1 months ago

Hats off to jin for hitting the chorus perfectly with those notes 🙌👏👏👏👌definitely not easy to pull off vocally but he slayed it

by M13 BG1 1 months ago

Jungkook Look so handsome
and sounds like angel

by Rain kookie 1 months ago

The Jin "Effect" was back in full force! The Japanese tweeted "Who's the third guy from the left? He's so handsome and his voice...." Deja vu, Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet all over again.
WWH Kim Seokjin, you truly have the PERFECT FACE and the SILVER VOICE!💜💜💜

by Peggy Malik 1 months ago

can we also talk about how all of them did so good, the rap line and the vocal line killed this, auto tune?? they said we don’t know her. like holy-

by junna 1 months ago

V's voice just sounds soooo comforting and warm somehow💜💜

by Lissazinha 1 months ago

Tae’s voice is so perfect. It sounds even more emotional in live. 😭😭😭 god, i love his voice

by Still With You 1 months ago

ARMY, please praise all the members and not just one. i understand you have biases and you think that one particular member stands out a bit more but if you’re going to praise one member then praise the rest of them. BTS have asked us ARMY’s to not have favourites and love all the members equally so think about how the others would feel if you only praise one member. and please don’t only talk about their looks, i know they are very attractive men but you should focus more on their talent rather than fangirl over their looks. i see alot of people in the comments saying “omg jk is so handsome” or “taehyung is so cute” and it’s fine to think that they are attractive but BTS work really hard for us to notice their talent and be appreciative of it. i am not trying to be hateful or be rude, i am just saying that it’s not very kind to just praise one member or only talk about their looks and completely ignore the purpose of this video (which is showing their talent).

by katsuki bakuhoe 1 months ago

OMG V voice is like a diamond

by Sibo Sibo 1 months ago

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