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Fredo Bang - Monsters

#Jam #Productions #Hip #Bang #Music
MONSTERS Out Now! Stream Here: https://FredoBang.lnk.to/Monsters.
Text “Fredo Bang” to 31996 for Exclusive Updates 🦍.
Director: Nathan R. Smith.
EP: Harrison Corwin for SHOTCLOCK.
DP: John Tashiro.
#Monsters #FredoBang

#Fredo #Hop #Inc./Def #Lavi #Monsters

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Comment “5” Time If This Song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Fredo Bang 1 month ago

It’s funny how everyone sleeps differently. I sleep on the side. My girl sleeps on her stomach. And the rest of the world sleeps on Fredo Bang.

by Chris Warren 1 month ago

I see this world going backwards the real artists who rap about real shit don't get no love but lame ones get all the love I can't wait till the BANG MAN blow up 💯

by Guy Etienne 1 month ago

He has lost so much but he ain’t dropping his head 🤧 “a man who cry’s is not weak it just shows he’s been strong to for to long” 🙏🏾

by Bristian Alvarez 1 month ago

"God is real.
God loves you.
God wants the best for you.
Believe that.
I do."

Chris Pratt

by Tithanhobit 1 month ago

I believe YouTube be playing with this mans numbers

by Dboi 1992 1 month ago

They can’t keep Fredo on the outside too long I fw his shit cuz through his music you can tell he ain’t a bad person sometimes you just delt a harder hand 🤷🏽‍♂️ Baltimore 2 Baton Rouge

by Hard Life 1 month ago

I’m the biggest YB fan but this guy is underrated

by Mara 1 month ago

How I'm a bad influence when I put some hope up in these niggas hearts😔

by Me Tv 3 weeks ago

Fredo bang got his own style, he keepn gee money legacy alive. No rapper has cum out of prison and been holding it down for gee & quick. Keep goin 💪 for tbg free lil yoyo

by Markel Cooper 1 month ago

Fredo touching souls outchea!!

by Honey baby 1 month ago

Bang you earned another set of ears with this one G

by Richard Mitchell 1 month ago

“I can talk to Gee right now and it still won’t make it better” I felt that ✊🏿 that’s a different pain ✊🏿

by eazye curry 1 month ago

What he telling us is that the Street's didn't harm us. It's the friends,homies and the police that harm us. Plus are decision-making as well... Big UPs to fredo Bang for making this one

by Theodis Reynolds 1 month ago

Dropping hits and killing shit just like the bangman 💯💯

by Dboi 1992 1 month ago

Its hidden messages that only the real & damaged can relate to..it takes real life experiences to put soul in it like he did

by Bush Bwoi 1 month ago

“Since A Baby I Was Scared, Missing My Momma...Call ME GODZILLA Won’t Let Em Take Me Under”

by chding zuure 1 month ago

Everyone just wait for him to get fame his raps are crazy shit RIP gee money

by Khan Khan 2 weeks ago

This the realist song of the year frfr it's a good message to this classic cause it's picture perfect of what's going on around the world today good job BANG MAN 💯💪🔥

by Dmac Giano 1 month ago

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