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Shannon Sharpe "heated" Bill Belichick: Cam Newton will be the face of the Patriots | Undisputed

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Never in your life compare Cam Newton to Taysom Hill 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

by Kenny Kenny 1 months ago

Cam will be the Starter week one

by Ambush bug 1 months ago

Can we plz just get some football going?!? These guys are literally running out of stuff to talk about.

by Bobby Bessette 1 months ago

Belichik is Not a Damn Fool, "Sit--Him Stiham" will Not Be the Starter!!!

by alan mule 1 months ago

cam knew he was going to New england months ago so does obj

by Joseph Leary 1 months ago

The coach that said Stidam over Cam, hoping for that.

by lamarmercer2370 1 months ago

Cam being treated like a black quarterback

by crewshaw2122 1 months ago

Is Shannon always heated?

by Don A 1 months ago

No one brings up the Gronk Spike though.

by demarco crump 1 months ago

I don't judge Bill by what he did in Cleveland - I judge him by what he did in NE before Brady!

by ReturnoftheBrotha 1 months ago

For once, Skip may be right. They may run 2 QBs.

by Jeremy Seal 1 months ago

They keep talking about Patriot Way. They got caught cheating like 3 times, the owner got caught twice buying coochie, they had a killer on the team, Tom Brady deflating balls, signed Antonio “nut case” Brown! I think Cam will fit right in with his Super Man celebrations! Plus he’ll give the TD ball to a kid...😊

by Que Man 1 months ago

Let’s be real, cam Has a better arm. Cam is the overall better QB

by UBQ TV 1 months ago

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