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Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review

fantano photo 1 Reacting to KSI Reacting to... fantano photo 2 Reacting to KSI Reacting to... fantano photo 3 Reacting to KSI Reacting to... fantano photo 4 Reacting to KSI Reacting to...

That british accent had me feeling some type of way

by Dolan Dark 4 months ago

JJ: starts laughing to a comment that fantano did
Fantano: starts laughing to ksi laughing to a comment that he did
Me: starts laughing at Fantano laughing at ksi laughing at a comment that fantano made

by ItsYaboiMike 4 months ago

Itโ€™s humbling to see someone humbled get humbled by the person humbled

by RXIN 4 months ago

"there will never be a good ricegum song." you just made KSI's year

by sunflower 4 months ago

Why do his glasses look like a snapchat filter

by Jordan Walters 4 months ago

This is the closest Anthony has come to a conversation in decades.

by JaseyHipHop 4 months ago

Fantano: heโ€™s like a kid on Christmas.
Ksi on Christmas:fights his brother

by KingKongYT The Alpha 4 months ago

Quarantine must be rough, dude has not even changed his shirt.

by SiD 4 months ago

"I'm a little bit older than KSI"

8 Y E A R S

by TENK le LADS 4 months ago

"I dont really react to stuff"

Your whole theneedledrop channel is based on reacting to music

by Zombieslayer0044 4 months ago

"Because I have 10 million subscribers I must rap now."

I hope that fantano reaches 10 million subscribers, and I hope that he raps when that happens.

by JUST DO IT! daily 4 months ago

the whole bit about how KSI's fans bully him... that's not his fanbase, that's just english people mate lmao

by Jake Adams 4 months ago

Claims heโ€™s a vegan then wears a leopard print shirt every vid

by ollie wright 4 months ago

This feels like the teacher explaining to the kid why he failed his class

by Tods16 4 months ago

KSI out here lookin for an 8 but heโ€™s forgetting J Cole still lookin for his first 8

by Isaac Dold 4 months ago

Alternative title: two giggly bois

by O 4 months ago

I don't really know KSI at all - never paid attention to his content - but I gotta say, he seems like a genuine guy and his laugh is absolutely infectious :)

by TheDudeSmashTrash 4 months ago

KSI: has 21 mill subs

Also KSI after meeting a man with 1/21th of his subs: OmFg tHiS cAnT bE rEaL

by Blinded II 4 months ago

Anthony Fantanto laughs at himself psychologically torturing a man for 25 minutes

by Nabil K 4 months ago

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