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Cam Newton will face high pressure and people wanting him to fail this year - Ryan Clark | Get Up

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Marcus Spears, Ryan Clark and Rex Ryan join Mike Greenberg on Get Up to discuss Ron Rivera's comments that Cam Newton has faced enormous pressure being a Black quarterback in the NFL, and what that means as he joins the New England Patriots.

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ESPN photo 1 Cam Newton will face high... ESPN photo 2 Cam Newton will face high... ESPN photo 3 Cam Newton will face high... ESPN photo 4 Cam Newton will face high...

It’s annoying how people just hope that you’ll fail for no reason

by xBalakay 1 months ago

I love cam newton i hope he get to the playoffs and to the superbowl

by Bobby Williams 1 months ago

People have been wanting Newton to fail all of his football life.

by Hassan Shabazz 1 months ago

I want Cam Newton to make it to the playoffs and have a great season

by Steve Lambert 1 months ago

I’ll be drafting cam newton this fantasy season

by Jason Sanchez 1 months ago

It still boggles my mind how trubisky was drafted ahead of deshaun Watson. Did scouts not watch what Watson did

by Noah Weintraub 1 months ago

Cam newton is such a strong leader in and out of football I’m not sure he would we agree with this show right now

by Jason Sanchez 1 months ago

For the most part, people like their sports stars to be understated especially QB's. Cam Newton is a flashy guy but I don't think that should be held against him.

by Reignmkr! 1 months ago

Ah man I had to stop the video and say tht I love the way u expressed tht brother in truth . And I always said ur a very smart man as myself lol 😂 but no one could have explained tht better..even black by culture makes him 😱😱💯❤️💪🏽✌️God bless cam . I’ll be right here holding him down in New England Massachusetts

by Shonetone Hines 1 months ago

Rick Flair WOOOOOOOO for RYAN CLARKE for that opening statement. Big difference by being casted as different compared to fitting in! BIG UPS RC

by Brandon Cowan 1 months ago

I'm a Panthers fan living in Charlotte NC and I have never judged Cam Newton or had certain expectations of Cam as a quarterback because he is black. Yes Cam Newton is a black quarterback in the NFL. So? NFL fans, owners, team mates and coaches want to win. Black NFL players dominate most of the lineup on both sides of the ball but because there are more white quarterbacks than black quarterbacks in the NFL then it must be because of racism? No! Just stop!!!

by Rob Hicks 1 months ago

The only people wanting him to fail is Espn so they have something to talk about just like cnn

by Leonard Planck III 1 months ago

If we have a season

by solo jr 1 months ago

Cam was good but the Pats will make him great. Don’t worry people, he’ll do just fine up there.

by Berto 1 months ago

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