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Fantano REACTION to Ski Mask "BURN THE HOODS" & Drake "ONLY YOU FREESTYLE" (theneedledrop)

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Theneedledrop reaction to Ski mask the slump god - Burn the hoods.
theneedledrop reaction to Headie One Ft. Drake - Only you Freestyle
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#ski mask the slump god #fantano #fantano reaction #melon #burn the hoods reaction

Duplee photo 1 Fantano REACTION to Ski Mask... Duplee photo 2 Fantano REACTION to Ski Mask... Duplee photo 3 Fantano REACTION to Ski Mask... Duplee photo 4 Fantano REACTION to Ski Mask...

The logic reaction is gonna be posted tomorrow since my laptop crashed 3 hours into me editing the video. I gotta make it look right for yall

by Duplee 2 weeks ago

Why he skip headies verse wtf, its literally his song lmao

by xxxtensioncord 2 weeks ago

Chat liked ski tho, why do they hate everything else

by YSLYUNGUN 2 weeks ago

Why did he just ignore headie ones bit wtf

by one two 2 weeks ago

I thought only you freestyle was pretty good, headies part was defo better

by Dylan Price 2 weeks ago

I can’t believe he skipped headie ones verse

by Cornford 2 weeks ago

I actually like the song, maybe cuz I lived in the uk and listen to drill and Americans don’t like that sound

by Fran R. 2 weeks ago

This dude do just be hating on Drake but he’s not wrong at all

by Jaiden Skorup 15 hours ago

That’s actually tragic that he dead Headie dirty like that. He’s one of the best, most versatile Uk artists. It seems Anthony only appreciates the most mainstream rappers like Stormzy and Skepta.

by Jeff Onfroi 5 days ago

he didn't even get to when Drake's flow goes nuts and headies verse, Melon hates rappers from UK and the Commonwealth confirmed

by milk vitasoy 2 weeks ago

He should’ve at least listened to headies verse 😪😤

by waza 2229 2 weeks ago

It’s not drakes song..... it’s Headie ones. Yes I’m salty about that 😂

by White Lion 2 weeks ago

He needs to watch the video thats half of the experience 🤦🏻‍♂️

by Ludvig 2 weeks ago

skipped skis beat switch and headies verse
bruh wtf

by Curious 2 weeks ago

dude why is the chat always so toxic

by Øxii 2 weeks ago

Why’d he not even give Headie a chance

by Bobby B 2 weeks ago

Updated his Reaction of the new Taylor Swift album

by Music Lover 2 weeks ago

I already knew he wasn’t finna like the only you track, he hasn’t liked anything from drake in years 💀

by Andrew Wiggins 2 weeks ago

bruh headie king of drill man disrespected ho like that

by Sebhu Buni1 2 days ago

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