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Fantano REACTION to Future & Lil Uzi Vert "OVER YOUR HEAD" (theneedledrop)

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Theneedledrop reacts to Future x Lil uzi - Over Your Head and talks about Patek
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#patek reaction #lil uzi vert #future #theneedledrop reaction #Future & lil uzi #over your head #pluto #baby pluto #react to patek and over your head #fantano reaction

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“The Lyrics are stupid af”, Who listens to Future and Uzi for lyrics

by Dylan Asante 1 month ago

Fantano: “Why tf does his voice sound like that?”
Chat: 85% bad 15% good
Fantano: “This is better”
Chat: 55% bad 45% good
his chat is a joke lol

by expalm 1 month ago

garbage chat that judges a song after 10 seconds in the track.

by َProtix 1 month ago

He didn't even get to patek which is way better than over your head

by Carrasco Tha G 1 month ago

patek>over your head but i don’t mind this track.

by YSM Mac 1 month ago

His Chat is worse than I'mDontai's

by Jacob Smith 1 month ago

i liked over your head after listening to it 3 times, i don't care what anyone says.

by َProtix 1 month ago

both tracks were bangers! tbh i liked over your head just a lil more but it’s close

by Carlosmonkey45 1 month ago

Why does his voice sound like it's coming from a phone though ...

by PieNinjaProductions 1 month ago

This was fire had to replay it like 10 times when i heard it. Future carried tho.

by Alle 1 month ago

Bruh his chat is so aids it’s crazy

by Kyle Swisher 1 month ago

Dang guess I’m the only one who liked it when uzi was smothered in the mixing and beat 💀

by Jeffrey O'Neill 1 month ago

Ngl, when he smooches at the rustyramen subbed, I felt that.

by 12シLATCH NOON 1 month ago

bruh idky but i love this song

by Moronman 1 month ago

Thank you sir, been waiting for this

by KOMAR ART 1 month ago

I listened in my car sounds weird idk why

by X0 1 month ago

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