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Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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the masked singer is actually a reboot of “the king of masked singer”, a korean singing competition. in the korean version, the contestants can be really famous or pretty unpopular. the point of the show is to display that popularity ≠ quality. the american version kinda bastardized the concept imo

by elise 1 week ago

I love this video with a passion that is matched only by my hate for cable television.

by Leon Lush 4 days ago

masked singer is actually the american remake of the korean show called the king of mask singer, the korean version is much better tbh

by intro hyyh 6 days ago

"You're under arrest for murder Haley"

"Okay, why not??"


by Robin Hogan 1 week ago

To be fair, Criminal Minds is better than the rest at the moment. The Mentalist, Castle and Bones were a lot better too

by Doctor Caslock 6 days ago

"Millenials and Gen Z are ruining cable!!!" No I think cable is ruining cable.

by Gray Young 1 week ago

“.... and constantly interrupted by commercials”

ad plays

by GDMSsam 2 days ago

No one talking about my man representing with that Iroh tee shirt

by Beckett Munson 6 days ago

So no one is gonna talk about Drew gave Haley Joel Osment Sora's voice clips from Kingdom Hearts 1?

by Star vs. The Idea of Evil 6 days ago

“In a couple years, we’ll do the opposite.”


by KushMasterSKITZ 6 days ago

“The way a movie should be watched... in 720p, censored, and constantly interrupted by advertisements.” (Cuts to ad). Nicely done, Drew.

by John Seckinger 1 week ago

Cable just sounds like a rip off these days. You pay like a million dollars to just watch 30 minutes of ads for medicines you don’t need that don’t even work and then you can watch a show for maybe 10 minutes in between.

by Amy Amoré 6 days ago

Drew Gooden is a God tier youtuber. The planning, the humor, the editing, the sponsorship we appreciate it all guy

by Alfredo Del Pablo 4 days ago

It's so bizarre watching these shows cuz "I can see your voice" and "Masked singer" were both originally made in Korea. Kinda like I'm trapped in an alternate universe.

by Jisue Kim 2 days ago

“In 720p, censored and constantly interrupted by”

An actual ad played at that moment. What a talent

by A.S. R. 1 week ago

"You should hydrate right now"

-Sun Tzu The Art Of War

by drink water 2 days ago

“...and constantly interrupted by commercials”
ad plays

😳woah, that’s talent

by that1guy 1 day ago

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