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The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

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The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is really cool -- but nobody is going to buy it. Today I explain why nobody will buy the LC500 Convertible, and I'm also reviewing the LC Convertible to show all the quirks and features. I'm also going to drive the Lexus LC500 Convertible and tell you what it's like on the road.
LEXUS LC COUPE REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giIP0XdT7SA
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Doug DeMuro photo 1 The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible... Doug DeMuro photo 2 The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible... Doug DeMuro photo 3 The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible... Doug DeMuro photo 4 The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible...

Doug : this is a bargain
Everyone: I should buy
The Market : s*it raise the price NOW!

by James Sheehy 11 hours ago

Doug: You wouldn‘t expect manual latching at this price point.
Porsche: behold our speedster

by I am writing right now 4 hours ago

Doug: The worst infotainment system in the car industry today

Me: Laughs in Cadillac Cue

by Team706 6 hours ago

Wife: "Honey can you turn on the heated seat?"

Husband: "Sure honey let me pull over and play with the dials. It should only take five minutes"

by Mr Chutiya 10 hours ago

Doug- Says something outrageous.

The internet- Takes it to be 100% serious.

by Mite O Dan 7 hours ago

'Used car bargain in a few years'; quiet Doug, don't give away my plan >:(

by Nostop GoAway 11 hours ago

Doug: “in your car you press a button and your heated seats are on”
Me: I have 3 cars and none of them have heated seats. 😥

by Patrick94GSR 8 hours ago

The year, 2039. Hoovie: "I just bought the cheapest 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible in the country."

by Ariel Falk 9 hours ago

An absolute dream car 4 me I love a GT car like this and I’m a sucker for Lexus Design and reliability, 471HP pleanty good enough for me

by Cobba hall 10 hours ago

Doug’s awkward face when he fails to flirt with the girls.

by Izwan Pmd 8 hours ago

Doug: “and it is a cool party trick imagine saying to your passenger “oh, look what my cluster can do. Hehe 😏”.

Me: I mean, you’d already be sitting in a $100,000+ car... nobody’s gonna be looking at your gage cluster. 😂

by MRcherrytomaat 9 hours ago

This is such a gorgeous car damn

by trappy 11 hours ago

As Jason Kamisa said
“The 65 year olds that are supposed to buy this are going to die in a fiery crash If they even try to change a radio station and I cannot recommend this car to anyone because of the infotainment”
Not exact but close enough🙃

by Kayjblue 12 hours ago

Doug is the type of guy to get married and then give his wife a Doug score

by MARCO SALIMBENI 5 hours ago

Come on!!!!! That design is a 10/10!!
And the most important: was that a Noodle T-shirt??

by Fernando Gil 8 hours ago

Doug: unbelievably tiny trunk
Miata: am I a joke to you?

by Patrick94GSR 8 hours ago

These things sound amazing in person when you get the rare opportunity to see/hear one.

by Car INTERIOR 9 hours ago

The taconmeter moving reminds me of Voltron. "Activate interlock, dynatherms connected"

by Jlaws 12 hours ago

Sway warning is an inconspicuous way of having "drunk driving assist" 🤣🤣🤣

by Ray M 11 hours ago

From the shot at it looks like it’s been side-impacted by a semi

by Toby Wood 11 hours ago

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