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I pulled up to Kansa City to workout with Tyreek Hill and do some 1on1's! Also linked up with some of his boys on the chiefs!
Feature in video, mikeyThegreat
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Deestroying photo 1 DOING 1ON1’S AGAINST TYREEK HILL!... Deestroying photo 2 DOING 1ON1’S AGAINST TYREEK HILL!... Deestroying photo 3 DOING 1ON1’S AGAINST TYREEK HILL!... Deestroying photo 4 DOING 1ON1’S AGAINST TYREEK HILL!...

Next vid I’m dropping is a 7on7. Tyreek’s team vs mine! Like if you want it ASAP

by Deestroying 1 week ago

This is how many mph TYREEK HILL can run👇

by BLAQK ! 1 week ago

“He built like Mr. Incredible on top and Ray Lewis on the bottom.”-Tyreek Hill 2020

by Gavin Schwartz 5 days ago

The little guy is no joke! If his body develops like the older guys watch out.

by John S 2 days ago

“Some of y’all” is one of the sickest songs. How does no one care about this song ???

by TK Magic Shop 1 day ago

Tyreek ain’t lying when he calls the gym home aha

by A Duncan 1 week ago

Nobody in this video is even close to Tyreek’s athleticism.

by Skippy Brown 5 days ago

I don't think any workouts can make any person fast as tyreek, just God gifted talent periodttt

by Alexis Johnson 1 day ago

When there talking about muscle memory him in the red helmet with the tint be looking like a bad ass robo cop🤣🤣🤣

by Tristen Young 2 days ago

That Mikey kid gonna be some serious game if he stick with it. I’m rootin for the little bother

by Dom J Morris Sr 5 days ago

I know y’all see the back to back bangers tho. We GRINDING!

by Deestroying 1 week ago

Damn seeing the training side of tyreek just made me realize how much of a monster he really is, that dude is an ANIMAL

by Bernell Hess III 3 days ago

The trainer is lowkey so good at explaning things like the muscle memory. Props to him

by Manu Kelele 1 day ago

Literally 99% of you won’t see this but, I hope everybody had a good day, and Hod Bless you 🙏🏽

by Yung chantz 3 days ago

watchin Tyreek hoop is like watching a left handed Nate Robinson I swear

by ThrashNebula 2 days ago

Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

by Dee.da. goat 3 days ago

Everyone sleeping on the mad facts coach was dropping about muscle memory and the search engine

by Mr Microverse 2 days ago

That is about as good of a muscle memory explanation that has ever been said.

by m k 1 day ago

Tyreek Hill is wearing cheetah boxers cause i have the same ones and that’s how I know

by Leo the Space monkey 1 day ago

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