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Celtics vs Magic CLNS Postgame Show

CLNS Media photo 1 Celtics vs Magic CLNS Postgame... CLNS Media photo 2 Celtics vs Magic CLNS Postgame... CLNS Media photo 3 Celtics vs Magic CLNS Postgame... CLNS Media photo 4 Celtics vs Magic CLNS Postgame...

Every game won't be a 30 point blow out. I'm just happy with the win! GO Cs!!!

by D B 2 months ago

Philly had to trade fultz Tim Joel embiid and Ben Simmons could not play on the same court together. Where Philly messed up is they should have traded Joel embiid too injury-prone I know it was a hard decision to make between him and Ben Simmons Joel being the better player but Ben Simmons being the more available player. I think they should have treated Joelle to Portland for CJ McCollum Jason Collins and a first round pick. Now your team becomes Richardson CJ Tobias Ben Simmons and some random stretch big with Jason Collins backing up Ben Simmons Off the Bench

by Sashane Lewis 2 months ago

Celtics should have taken the L down 5 points with 40 seconds left...only reason they went to OT was DJ Augustine being trash and not wanting to miss a layup again slowing and gathering on that break allowing the slow Hayward to block him from behind....then several bad shot clock wasting late in game, taking last shot he shouldn’t as block magnet ....same with OT 😆

by A M 2 months ago

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