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Celtics vs Blazers from Disney NBA Bubble LIVE Postgame Report

The gang from CLNS Media breaks down all the action from the Celtics 2nd game back off the NBA restart against the Portland Trailblazers.

CLNS Media photo 1 Celtics vs Blazers from Disney... CLNS Media photo 2 Celtics vs Blazers from Disney... CLNS Media photo 3 Celtics vs Blazers from Disney... CLNS Media photo 4 Celtics vs Blazers from Disney...

7uice was nasty and clutch af in the 4th.

by BPDMF 1 month ago

Team Green 4 Banner 18- no # on purpose 🤣🤣🤣

by glory boi bean 1 month ago

☘️💯☘️☘️but you can't keep disrespecting the blazers the are real it's playoff time we the Celtics are just great but to say all Mcollum and Dame did was not touch the rim..... Well that's all they do.

by glory boi bean 1 month ago

As a celtics fan growing up watching both Tatum and Brown, i favor Brown bcuz Brown came into the league as an underrated and underappreciated talent, though they both was drafted 3rd picks. The media didnt like Brown from the get because he's too woke for the status quo, and his age didnt match his maturity. Also, Brown had to earn every sec as a rookie, keep in mind, the celtics franchise dnt cater to rookies. As a fan, it was frustrating bcuz u can clearly see the potential and drive and talent and looking at the isaiah thomas celtics roster days, JB was the most promising and discipline player they had. With Tatum, Tatum found himself in a fortunate situation with hayward's unfortunate injury. now when you watch them play, Brown plays flawlessly unselfish, and aggressive. Tatum tend to overlook his teammates. that kobe mentality brand tend do him and his teammates more harm than good- even outside the court, Tatum wears jus JT brand mask, brown wears a plain black mask and centers his question on addressing systematic racism and the movement. Tatum looks really good right now because he has really great teammates around him, and he's learning good habits, but put Tatum on Chicago, he will be just another Zach Lavine, or the wizards, Bradley Beal - cant seem to understand y his talent put him over the hump. They are both really talented players and good people at heart, but when u watch from a distance, as a fan of team basketball u can clearly see Brown is on a mission deeper than himself, and Jayson Tatum trying to make a name for himself - Just strictly basketball Tatum the more skilled player, Brown the more athletic player. One on one, Brown vs Tatum, will to win, I'll put my money on Brown. Tatum needs Brown to remind him not to take things for granted and Brown needs Tatum to expose areas where he can sharpen his skill set

by Tucker Gaye 1 month ago

Good game guys, however please don't give me heart attach. Want to see you win it all this year ☘️☘️

by John Norton 1 month ago

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