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"When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died." - Michael Jordan | CBS Sports

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Michael Jordan spoke at the memorial for fellow NBA great Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. He compared their bond to a brotherhood in a tearful tribute to the late Lakers legend.
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They better not meme Jordan for crying this time. He gave one of the most heartfelt speeches I've ever heard.

by LLcoolDre 2728 7 months ago

Still come back to this every once in a while😔 Rip big bro

by Str805Speed 2 months ago

Disgusting and shameful to put an ad right smack in the middle of this.

by Troy Lighton 1 month ago

“When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died” - still rings true 6 months later as I sit here bawling watching this.

by Shake 2 months ago

Can u imagine as a child idolizing someone and you never dreamed u ever meet and then not only do you meet him he becomes one of your closest friends and you play basketball with him and in the end he ends up idolizing you??

by Michaela Chell 7 months ago

I’m here after The Lakers won the NBA championship

by guillermo acosta 3 days ago

Here on Kobe’s birthday , I still can’t believe he’s gone..

by Unknown 1 month ago

I’m here after the Lakers won the 2020 Championship

by Rickie Rickie 3 days ago

To the person reading this. Please take a minute of your time to read this comment.

This is a hard time, a hard year for everyone. Alot of bad things happened this year like WWIII(Almost), Kobe Bryant's death, and Covid-19. It's very stressful to think about the future of this planet and some people need help coping with it all. You are amazing, you are destined for greatness. Never give up on any of your dreams because one day, you'll accomplish them. I believe in you. If you need anyone to talk to I'll always be here for you. Stay blessed and have a great rest of your day.🙏🏽

by insaane 3 months ago

Man it’s been 6 months and I’m still not over this😔

by Exe Ali1 3 months ago

Who still shedding tears after watchin this in august 2020 ?...🥺

by 6lodeine gang 2 months ago

I don't think anyone ever would have thought that Magic Johnson would outlive Kobe.

by Clive Doe 1 month ago

I don't understand why this has so many dislikes this world needs more love

by jason bradley 2 months ago

“What you get from me, is from him” - Kobe

by RM Lorenz 10 hours ago

probably the most shocking celebrity death in my lifetime. Nobody saw this coming at all :(

by 4esthetics 2 months ago

Everyone is dressed black, and then there is Anthony Davis, dressed like a Mafia Boss.

by BOBBY 2 months ago

Damn tomorrow is 8/24 and today’s his birthday I’m really out here crying at 2 am...

by ImNotComp2k 1 month ago

when he passed...a little of everyone passed. the only celebrity death that hit me....still to this day i felt like i lost a family member... its so crazy.

by Isaiah Brooks 1 month ago

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