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DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!

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Brawadis photo 1 DATING Sommer Ray for 24... Brawadis photo 2 DATING Sommer Ray for 24... Brawadis photo 3 DATING Sommer Ray for 24... Brawadis photo 4 DATING Sommer Ray for 24...

Jackie watching this with her new man like 👁👄👁

by Arman Hossain 2 weeks ago

She made Brandon smile more in one day then Jackie did in 3 yrs

by zuygj bnsv 1 week ago

This is how many people know Jarvis is Jealous

by Sweet_apple 5 days ago

A huge difference between her and Jackie is that sommer is actually hot and FUNNY

by FazeiffyTurkey /: 1 week ago

Who else is waiting for the “my new girlfriend title”🤘🏽

by Junior Lara 1 week ago

She has a better personality than Jackie 🥰

by HyBye 2 weeks ago

Awe imagine if they did date. They would be so cute together.

by afutla qian 1 week ago

“So you wanna coffee or a smoothie?”
“I actually want a cupcake”
Why is sommer such a vibe like she lit
why is no one talking about how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig

by two 1 week ago

He is trying to make sommer like him because he never lets anyone drive his car

by Lakers 4life24 1 week ago

Brawadis: dating sommer ray for 24 hours
Sommer ray: brawadis makin me feel awkward for 24 hours

by Matthew Taton 1 day ago

Sommer made him hold a snake so she has to hold his snake

by Griffen Zucco 1 week ago

staright 16 minutes of sommer ray and brawadis flirting.

by Juan Leon Jr 3 days ago

Who else was smiling throughout the whole vid 😂😂

by Swedish Fish 1 week ago

There’s no way u didn’t tap that after this vid

by Beefy yt 1 week ago

I don't care who he ends up with. I just want him to be happy with the person he ends up with.

by Nithish Vetrivel 2 weeks ago

Who wishes they were boyfriend and girlfriend

by Michael Konteh 1 week ago

Sarcasm: I REALLY hope Jackie didn’t see this video

by Jayden Merino 1 week ago

I can’t belive that sommer made him smile then Jackie has in 3 yrs😹🧎🏼‍♀️🏌🏼

by Richard goodmen 5 days ago

He seems more happy being with Sommer for 24 hours than with Jackie for a few years.

by Jony788 AJ 1 week ago

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