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Hairdresser Reacts To People Going Black To Silver

Brad Mondo photo 1 Hairdresser Reacts To People Going... Brad Mondo photo 2 Hairdresser Reacts To People Going... Brad Mondo photo 3 Hairdresser Reacts To People Going... Brad Mondo photo 4 Hairdresser Reacts To People Going...

Plot twist; he’s looking into a mirror while doing his intros lmao

by Jordyn A 3 months ago

Did anybody notice, that when Brad pauses the videos, he always makes people Look kind of sweet? He do not pause when the people male ugly faces 😂😂😂😂

by 1234 1234 2 months ago

Him: “When girls get their hands on bleach, you don’t know what’s gonna happen.”
Me: Yeah- Proceeds to drink bleach

by bOb tHe bUiLdEr 2 months ago

Brad Mondo: makes fun of Hyram’s hair dying process.

Hyram: makes fun of Brad Mondo’s facial care process.

by Jaylyn Valdez 2 months ago

Brad Mondo: "you cutie you"
Me laying in bed with my double chin eating chips: 👁👄👁

by Gabby Macy 2 months ago

i am ... so embarrassed for myself lool but thank you brad for being so nice 😭

by Soony Sun 3 months ago

I love that he doesn’t necessarily discourage at home hair or shame people for doing their own hair but instead educates people on how to do it properly. I’m a stylist as well and I have a lot of friends who can’t afford to go to the salon to get their hair done. I give them very cheap rates bc I’ve also been there myself. But some people don’t have that and if they want fun hair they kind of have to do it themselves. So I appreciate that he instead chooses to educate them.

by Bri Sprague 1 month ago

Guy: it’s not black and it’s not brown it’s in between
Brad: so its dark brown?🙄🤨

by BelloVita 2 months ago

"u know how all those kpop boys have that ugly yellow hair and it's cute"
I thought about that and

I can't disagree lol

by Sip da RM's Tea 2 months ago

Primary school: when you put blue and yellow it makes green

Brad: when you put blue and yellow it makes WHITE

by AVAF 02 2 months ago

I love how Brad looks like he is going to Coachella in every video. Lol

Edit: tysm! For 10k likes I really didnt expect that lmao.

by Izzy Peel 3 months ago

Can we talk about the first girl and how she managed to get her ideal result without absolutely killing her hair

by MiKayla Jayn 3 weeks ago

I wanna know is anyone else with thick hair kinda tired of hearing how thick out hair is everytime we go to get our hair done?

by Madahlyn Foster 2 months ago

"You got to your desired end result and that's all that matters"
- said no math teacher ever

by Millie Cleary 1 month ago

The first lady did the mostttttt. I would have just paid for a professional to do it. She probably spent about $100.00 anyway

by mare He 2 months ago

Brad: "hey beautiful"
Everyone in bed (or on the toilet) looking at the screen with a double chin: Heyyyyyyyy
Oh my holy Jesus thank u for so many fricken likes guysss!!

by Amber 3 months ago

Brad: “everytime I see you, you become more and more beautiful.” Me: sitting here after bleaching my hair to death and then had to cut it all of and with mascara all over my face✌🏻🥺✌🏻

by Geerdt Wildernis 2 months ago

brad: “hey beautiful”
me who just over plucked my eyebrows

by Teenage Dirtbag 2 months ago

Brad: you’re face keeps getting more and more-
Me: Fat
Brad: Beautiful

by Gillian M 2 months ago

No wonder Brad has over 5 million subscribers! He's just such a likeable person!!! Makes me feel so good afterwards

by 011divine 2 months ago

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