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Carmelo Anthony Shines In Wild OT Finish | Blazers vs. Grizzlies

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In a pivotal regular season seeding game, the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies did not disappoint in a wild overtime finish in Orlando..
From Carmelo Anthony hitting back-to-back clutch threes to Lillard closing out with an impressive double clutch finish, the Blazers and Grizzlies both put on a show in their first game back..
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Bleacher Report photo 1 Carmelo Anthony Shines In Wild... Bleacher Report photo 2 Carmelo Anthony Shines In Wild... Bleacher Report photo 3 Carmelo Anthony Shines In Wild... Bleacher Report photo 4 Carmelo Anthony Shines In Wild...

Melo’s redemption arc has been one of the most pleasant surprises recently. Glad to see it

by Joe Zoll 2 months ago

ESPN tried to make people think he can’t play. Crazy as hell. They crown who they want to crown and vilify who they want to vilify

by Devante Smith 2 months ago

legend says Melo's still standing on that side of the court

by Ian Soriano-Gueta 2 months ago

People really said with they whole chest that Melo don’t belong in the league 😂💪🏾

by Ona Ebodaghe 2 months ago

Imagine if Carmelo made the third 3. That would be insane!

by Light Fauster 2 months ago

Well.. thats some clickbait bs lmao

by Spurs_ 2 months ago

Dame’s last drive at ....
One against five, he was looking like MJ. If the Blazers make a serious run in the playoffs, he should be an MVP candidate

by Ace Iams 2 months ago

melo a bucket wherever and whenever.

by zebrasprite 2 months ago

Melo this season is my favorite story. LeBron doing it for Kobe is great and the LA rivalry is amazing but after everyone underestimating Melo and not getting him( looking at you Nets) he goes to Portland. Becomes a great second option for dame while CJ is out. Hitting the game-winner against the defending champs. Now shows why he should’ve been picked again. I’m not the biggest Melo fan but he is one of my facvorite players this year.

by Kerke463 2 months ago

"Wild OT finish.."

Well that's a stretch.

by frank beans 2 months ago

you really need to respect Melo, he just never gives up

by Rasheed Liao 2 months ago

soo this is just a blazers highlight with melo standing in the corner on everyplay

by Adactylous 2 months ago

the commentators sound like they would be esport commentators

by Patrick LA 2 months ago

Where’s the crazy ending?

by Mark F 2 months ago

Damian Lillard is a very underrated finisher

by Kobus Smith 2 months ago

Hes called Hoodie Melo for a reason hes to HOT

by Joshua Martin 2 months ago

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