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Megan Thee Stallion Is A Hot Girl With “Girls In The Hood” & “Savage” Performance | BET Awards 20

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Megan Thee Stallion performs her new track “Girls In The Hood” and turns up to “Savage” for the 2020 BET Awards!.
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If those background dancers can dance like this in the desert all while wearing a mask, I don't want to hear any of y'all complaining about wearing a mask while out.

by AlexxEnglishh 9 hours ago

I’m getting Beyoncé “Run the world” vibes. I like it.

by CHARLIE EXCLUSIVE 14 hours ago

She literally set the bar with this performance. Anything after this has to be on point !

by Ashley Gather 14 hours ago

The first segment reminded me of “Run the World” by Bey. The outfits, the scenery, etc.

by Nygia Wilson 10 hours ago

Don’t this look like “who run the world “ by be yonce

by 0nly. Bhadbby 10 hours ago

she KILLED this
literally made a whole music video for an awards show

by thomas 14 hours ago

Megan the stallion is an example of When a woman takes over hip-hop then becomes a boss while shaking her booty. The best rapper.

by A. Double 17 hours ago

I know everybody keeps saying this reminds them of Beyoncé who run the world.. but I immediately thought about 2pac and Dr Dre California love video.. 🤷🏾‍♀️

by Jasmine Rochelle 6 hours ago

I’m getting “Waterworld” vibes

by Jeff B 8 hours ago

When Megan lifted her leg and did that split...
I was like so I didn't have to chose from being thicc or being flexible. Guess Imma be stretching out more now.

by Nia The Diamond Queen 7 hours ago

She Murdered This Performance. This young woman is at the top of the game💯

by KsThrowBackGoGo 15 hours ago

That heel toe cured my depression. I done cleaned up and blocked mfs😂

by Lyna Beena 11 hours ago

She could do no wrong. Loving the Mad Max vibez 🦹🏽‍♀️☠️😍

by AllEyezOnAmanda 16 hours ago

I'd invest in her. She more reliable than that card B.

by Charles James 8 hours ago

Meg got moves. 💃🏽She is becoming such a well rounded entertainer.

by Kween of Swords 17 hours ago

Who led the production of this. It was executed flawlessly. If Beyonce came out, I would have fainted. Just like I said in my "Dance Challenges Vid" Megan always comes correct.

by BINARY WOLF 10 hours ago

megan giving us a little mad max moment...... love her for that

by y2k 18 hours ago

I get chills watching this performance. I am so proud of being a black woman!!! These dancers and Meg are so sexy and giving LIFEEEE!!!! YES BLACK WOMEN!!!

by Amber Kiner 5 hours ago

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