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The Raptors Secret Weapon That Can Lead Them To Another NBA Title

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The Raptors faced the Lakers in a potential NBA Finals matchup, and Toronto's starting lineup completely dismantled their opponent, leading LeBron to look disinterested and Anthony Davis completely unengaged. But there's one key player on the Raptors' roster that gives them an advantage, and when he plays well, it's almost impossible to beat them.
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no the secret weapon is lowry’s galactic ass

by MCextra 2 months ago

As a Lakers fan in in disbelief we not only let Lowry bust us up for 33 pts, but he snagged 14 Rebs🤕. Raptors really don’t get enough credit and are slept on by the media and some fans.

by Young Saucy 2 months ago

People forget siakam and lowry both scored 26 in game 6 of the nba finals. They came up clutch and are still clutch this season.

by Jason Wang 2 months ago

Coach Nick....the OG whisperer... You got more words out of him in 1 interview than anyone else in all his years in Toronto.

by TheItchUcantReach 2 months ago

How to easily find out if someone is a casual or not is by asking them If they think Raptors can come out of the East. If they say no expose them for the filthy casuals they're.

by DeMarvelous DeChosen 2 months ago

Bballbreakdown has been a very good source for me to better understand the game and i've been subscribed for years love it

by Saucy With_It 2 months ago

Been saying it for months, I'll say it again. The Toronto Raptors are legit contenders to the NBA Finals. They match up perfectly with the Lakers, they're just as deep as the Clippers. And they have the best defensive schemes to slow down Giannis. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they won it all.

by RedLightning17 2 months ago

Raptors are capable of winning the title like the 04 Pistons or 2014 Spurs, both teams won a chip without a “superstar” as elite passing, defence, hustle, chemistry, and coaching could go a long way

by Arshdeep Singh 2 months ago

Never heard OG break down his play like that. Usually stones the media with his Kawhi-esque answers but he is a bright player with a brighter future.

by H2A2I00 2 months ago

If Kawhi Leonard was a pokemon his pre-evolution form was OG. Give it time we got another Kawhi Leonard on our hands folks.

by DeMarvelous DeChosen 2 months ago

People forgot the OG was injured last playoff🤷‍♂️

by Tri Nguyen 2 months ago

Remember Anunoby didn't play in last year playoff run leading to the championship now Anunoby will be that x factor to another possible title win for Toronto..by the way that was hilarious hearing Worthy say Adobe 🤣🤣🤣

by not famous81 2 months ago

Shoutout to all the analysts that said the Raptors wouldn’t even make the Playoffs. Also shoutout to James a Worthy for calling Anunoby “Adobe” instead 😂🤣😂

by JoyBox Trickster 2 months ago

When you see LeBron whining and bitching on the field you know the Lakers gonna lose 🤣

by Noh'Vis 2 months ago

This Raps squad reminds me of the 04’ Pistons and also the 14’ Spurs

by Kawaiii Wenoard 2 months ago

Og “yeah I’m in” 😂😂

by EvGBolt 2 months ago

Raps of this year remind me of the '09 Magic -- a dark horse. While everyone has their eyes on a Finals matchup like the Lakers v. Bucks, everyone had their eyes on Lakers v. Cavs back in '09 as well (because of the LeBron v. Kobe potential matchup). People only cared about Boston and Cleveland that year, similar to how this year people are all talking about the C's, 76ers, and Bucks this year.

by Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills 2 months ago

"Lebron James' disinterest" LOL. Yeah people tend to get disinterested when they get locked up and get their ass kicked. LA= now!

by AwkrdW1llCmdy 2 months ago

And OG was injured during our championship run

by Daniel M 2 months ago

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