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Iguodala seems like he didn't really stay in shape during the quarantine. He's fallen off so much in only a year, and I don't think it's all due to age. He barely came into the game today and already looked winded after a few trips up and down the court.

by Joe Bon 12 hours ago

Regular North Koreans don't have access to youtube, but that was Kim Jong-un. He's a friend of the breakdown and he's IN.

by watchcode 12 hours ago

Marcus Smarts game is the opitome of โ€œtwo steps forward, one step backโ€

by lilruse 12 hours ago

Always happy to support you through super chat, again keep up the good work!

by Lee Christensen 14 hours ago


by NOLAY AUSTIN 10 hours ago

lol coach k's politics are hilarious

by Creeper 76 14 hours ago

Air๐Ÿ”ฅJaylen7 Team!

by Red Bic 13 hours ago

This series is going to game 7 I have good feeling about it

by Nathaniel DeLisle 14 hours ago

Celtics are winning this series i wish i took a prop bet before Game 5

by moon rocks 14 hours ago

I agree about Marcus Smart dudes a liability

by 2011thetemp 13 hours ago

Jaylen Brown is such a team player, cool, consistent, and not flashy at all. Just the kind of guy any team could benefit from. Tatum is a diva superstar.

by 15awesomehighfive 10 hours ago

Your analysis of Tatum vs Brown is dead on. Thanks for saying it.

by NoNews IsGoodNews 13 hours ago

What a performance by Kemba. Oscar-worthy ๐Ÿ’ฏ

by rohanpogii 14 hours ago

Brown just better physically way stronger than Tatum. JT finishes at the rim remind me of PG13 kinda iffy too much finesse

by steven whiters 9 hours ago

I expect the HEAT to come out aggressive again after a loss just like in game 4. They have the chance to finish it out with a 12 pt lead. Butler14 pts in 1st half and just 3 pts in the 2nd half. The HEAT also misses too many open shots esp Crowder. BAM has just 13 pts ant not attacking much taking so many jumpshots. He takes the blame on presscon. That's bad news for Celtics. This is the worst game for HEAT in the playoffs. What a collapse in the 2nd half. But HEAT got this in game 6. HEAT is too consistent on this playoffs to lose 3 in a row. I just don't see it. They will close this out.

by Crypto Berto 11 hours ago

Completely agree. Jalen Brown is the better player. Great defender and does good things offensively. People fall in love with how good Tatum's offensive moves look like. Just because he is silky smooth it doesn't mean he is the better player!

by Kid 6 hours ago

jaylen is no where no meat jayson

by rene 2 hours ago

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