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BTS (방탄소년단) Speech at the 75th UN General Assembly

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2018년에 이어 두 번째로 유엔 총회에 초대된 방탄소년단은 이번 영상에서 ‘자신을 사랑하자’는 지난 ‘LOVE MYSELF’의 연장선상에서 절망에서 벗어나 서로를 향한 따뜻한 연대로 ‘다시 새로운 세상을 살아가자’는 메시지를 전 세계에 전했습니다.
Following their first invitation to the UN General Assembly in 2018, BTS returned to build on their previous message of “LOVE MYSELF” to impart for 2020 a message of “Let’s live on in a new world”, breaking free from despair and supporting one another in warm solidarity..
Connect with BTS, https://ibighit.com/bts.
#BTS #방탄소년단 #UNGA75

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“if i gave up here, then i wont be a star on my life”

- kim taehyung

by Andrea Arguelles 4 weeks ago

“the stars shine brightest when the night is darkest. if the stars are hidden, we’ll let moonlight guide us. if even the moon is dark, let our faces be te light that help us find our way.”

- kim namjoon 2020

by Nicøle 3 weeks ago

This speech really explains the lyrics to Dynamite.

“I’m in the stars tonight - Set the night alight - You know I glow - Shining through the city - light it up like Dynamite.”

Now I understand why they said the song was about confidence. RM’s window speech was inspiring

by WishfulDento+ChoosenSilver 3 weeks ago

"Do not revenge to those people who judge you ...just smile and show them what you've got.
-Kim Namjoon

by jemen walling 3 weeks ago

I believe that if RM was a president the world would be a better place.

by 3샴마 3 weeks ago

2013- No More Dream : La la la la
2013- Attack on Bangtan : La la la la
2014- Spine Breaker : La la la la
2015- War of Hormone : La la la la
2015- Ma City : La la la la
2016- Fire : La la la la
2016- Interlude : La la la lap
2017- DNA : La la la la
2018- Idol : oh oh oh oh
2019- Mikrokosmos : na na na na
2019- Home : La la la la
2019- BWL : Oh my my my
2020- Black Swan : na na na
2020- ON : Hey na na na
2020- Dynamite : Dynnnnanana

by soniyasingh 3 weeks ago

It's fascinating, no matter how different 2 people and their lifestyles are, there still can be certain things they feel the same about. I've related to a lot of things mentioned in this video and I believe I'm not the only one feeling this way.

by MARMENiO 1 month ago

Army : “ All Human Like BTS “
Haters : “ I don’t like bts “
Army. : “ We said HUMAN “

by Kasih Wayan 4 weeks ago

Living in an abusive household for years where there is no respect for you, and nobody hopes for you or gives you any sort of comfort, you start to feel detached,alone and completely alien in your own home. The desperate need to find someone,something than can possibly take you away from here keeps growing as you grow too. I don't think I can explain how much BTS and their music has helped me. They gave me hope and made me want to help myself for a future I'd love to live in. Loving yourself is so hard and complicated but they sure made me believe that I was worth loving.

by Olipark Mei 3 weeks ago

Jungkook: our songs became the stories we wanted to tell each other.
me: sobs

by Zoë Aster 3 weeks ago

이번에는 멤버들이 다같이 참여해서 더 좋아요. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ♡

by 진저 Jinger Cho 2 weeks ago

I feel like a proud mom. But I want everyone to be safe and healthy. Let’s live on.

by Alexandria Mitchell 4 weeks ago

Jin: talking about something emotional
No one:

Literally no one:

Me: wow you got Broad shoulders my dude

by Hi I'm Vie 4 weeks ago

“if there’s something we can do, if our voices give strength to people, then that’s what we want and that’s what we’ll keep on doing” -jungkook. bye i’m ugly crying rn😭

by Talayeh Jones 3 weeks ago

“Life goes on - let’s live on”

I was honestly so encouraged by those words y’all have no idea... I started watching this because I’ve been super depressed lately and last night I debated ending my life. I didn’t see the point of living anymore and trying to accomplish things that inevitably don’t matter and won’t matter in a few short years. I decided to watch this because I know that generally bts has always been an encouragement to those struggling. This whole video was so powerful and I wish everyone could see it and feel what I felt. I started crying and I am NOT a crier. So thank you bts for all you’ve done and for all I know you will do - you guys are spreading hope. 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜

by Sarah Duston 3 weeks ago

2018: "What is your name? Speak Yourself!"

2020: "Life goes on. Let's live on!"

by BTS BEING BTS 1 month ago

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