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[BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival - BTS (방탄소년단)

BANGTANTV photo 1 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM... BANGTANTV photo 2 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM... BANGTANTV photo 3 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM... BANGTANTV photo 4 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM...

2013- No More Dream : La la la la
2013- Attack on Bangtan : La la la la
2014- Spine Breaker : La la la la
2015- War of Hormone : La la la la
2015- Ma City : La la la la
2016- Fire : La la la la
2016- Interlude : La la la lap
2017- DNA : La la la la
2018- Idol : oh oh oh oh
2019- Mikrokosmos : na na na na
2019- Home : La la la la
2019- BWL : Oh my my my
2020- Black Swan : na na na
2020- ON : Hey na na na
2020- Dynamite : Dynnnnanana

by Tea Lyrics 3 weeks ago

When Jungkook started singing, V and Jin at the back 🤭🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

by Renn Miranda 1 week ago

Theory: Suga's shirt and V pants are supossed to be a whole but they went like: ¡Let's exchange clothes!

by 私の名前は木星です 1 week ago

Jimin's stylist has my respect that shirt is /chef kiss/

by KT G 1 day ago

Это самый лучший год ARMY ❤️

by Daria Morgendorffer 1 day ago

So, why is nobody talking about the rap Line THEY'RE AMAZING

by P MLP 3 weeks ago

Kim Namjoon
Kim seok jin
Min yoongi
Jung hoseok
Park jimin
Kim taehyung
Jeon Jungkook

by NAYLA AGUSTINA 4 days ago

I just love how tae get into character and get in there. His movements are just flawless and suits in every way

by Kathryn Minugh 5 days ago

is he Jimin who wearing white shirt and black stripe blazer dance first?

by TheKimEujin 1 day ago

I really like v voice in part the part that he sing " shinning trough the city with a little funk and soul"💜💜💜💜💜💜

by REEN DAREEN 1 week ago

Armys are in love with jungkook.

< str3m dynamite >
< And ready for Bts upcoming album BE >

by BTSARMY 3 weeks ago

I just imagine lebron listening to this song and be like
"They said my name why though?"

by Eric Horowitz 17 hours ago

애들 왤케 신났어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ석진이는 자꾸 어디보는거야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 귀엽아 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 아 귀여워 .. 아 귀여워 .. 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데아 귀엽다 .. 너무 귀여운데 ? 방탄💜💜

by 우럭, 1 week ago

V enjoying himself is the cutest thing
Missed him wonder he have become more mature these days

by Nagbhairav Dcosta 3 weeks ago

That's why seeing a car that is so dilapidated, a little more, there must be jokes 🤣

by Levi Nadini Andriani 6 days ago

Omg!!♥️♥️how is cookie soooooo cute and has a fantastic attractive voice!!!!❣❣🥺🥺🥺🥺

by Neetu Kumari 17 hours ago

You're a beautiful dancer's, I LOVE YOUU🤞🏻💖✨😉Jungkook has a beautiful voice 💜 and everyone else, OF CORSE!! (Greetings from the Balkans, we love you) 🤩🍭🥺

by Alexandra Petkovic 18 hours ago

How many army’s are in love for jimin♥️♥️♥️

by Dina Nzar 5 days ago

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