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AlondraDessy photo 1 BAD NEWS..... AlondraDessy photo 2 BAD NEWS..... AlondraDessy photo 3 BAD NEWS..... AlondraDessy photo 4 BAD NEWS.....

She’s obviously upset bc she paid so much money and her body isn’t how she wants. I would be hella upset too.

by Kaylee Yaylee 1 week ago

“We didn’t buy anything we just went out to eat”

by Nathan Swanson 1 week ago

Only people who didn’t come from Tiktok can like this

by ِ 1 week ago

Benny is a true soulmate hes not toxic, hes so supportive and loving & so funny 😂

by Jessica Adriana 1 week ago

She crying over a bbl n over here crying because I can't even lose these longas😭

by andrea m. 1 week ago

i be crying cus i can't afford a bbl in the first place LMFAOOOOO.

by Krisleny Salazar 1 week ago

I love how Benny was trying to make her feel better by making her laugh and supporting her ❤️❤️

by Kate Gomez 1 week ago

Alondra crying and feeling insecure about her BBL/body yet her figure has literally always been my body goals 🙁 girl I wish ❤️

by Jennifer Solito 1 week ago

honestly her body isn’t even bad lmao she looks so bomb.... some girls wished they had their bodies like hers

by Rodarmel baby 1 week ago

Imagine crying because you don’t have enough fat. 🥴😭

by Bell Gibs 5 days ago

Now people can stop commenting about her body when you realize she isn’t happy with it either and you people that mention it don’t help. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ALO! ❤️

by Megan Faz 5 days ago

Honestly girl, you’re fine! I don’t see anything wrong with your body. Whoever told you something is a hater. Don’t worry if you can’t get it fixed the way you want it.
I wonder how comes no ones talking about how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig

by Fra Man 1 week ago

I know she doesn’t like her hips & butt but I think she looks just fine & beautiful 🥺❤️

by Adriee Xo 1 week ago

I hate when people say things like “there’s people dyin in the world”. People can cry for what they want. They are entitled to feel what they want.

by Yolanda Calderon 1 week ago

Don’t mind me screenshooting all the doctors everyone is recommending 👀

by Taylor Norris 1 week ago

I wish mark sloan was a real surgeon cause I’d go to him 😭

by TahiraAlayliah 1 week ago

YouTube I’m really boutta throw hands cuz of all these double ads!

by ehh kymbyy 1 day ago

I’m honestly glad the doctor was honest with you. Many doctors would have told you yes knowing that he couldn’t just to get money out of you. That’s one thing we should take into consideration

by Briunny 1 week ago

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